Have Meds, Can Travel

I'm about to embark on a relatively long trip. It's certainly going to be a taxing one, but one full of fun and surprises and friends and tourism, tourism, tourism. You can't escape that when you go to Europe. But I'm nervous. I'm nervous about getting a migraine when I'm traveling.

My traveling migraine patterns

In the past, my pattern has been that I get a migraine the day of travel, especially during long car trips or plane rides. This pattern's been broken up a bit in recent years, perhaps because of Zonegran - perhaps not. I can't be sure. However, once I'm in a new country, I tend to do pretty well for a while. A few years ago, I lived in Costa Rica for 6 weeks and had one significant migraine the entire time I was there. The lifestyle, the lack of "regular life" stress, the diet, and the routine probably contributed to my overall well-being.

I packed my medications

I'm hoping this good fortune comes back for the next three weeks of my life as I venture to some European countries. Of course, I'll be armed with Relpax and naproxen, but we know I can't take those more than a couple of days in a row due to the ever-looming MOH (medication overuse headache).

Fingers crossed.

Bon voyage (to me)!

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