Having a cold & a migraine at the same time...

I had a migraine for five days in a row. (Was it all the same migraine? Maybe. Was it more than one? Perhaps. All I know is that I felt low-grade discomfort and distracting pain for days.)

Months ago I won a free night at nice in-town hotel (a perk for being a local business owner—yes, please). Jim & I went this past Friday night. We live less than a mile from the downtown Athens hotel but figured it’d be nice to get away for the evening. We walked to dinner but nixed the movie plan (I was tired from my migraine and a little out of it from the Maxalt I’d taken). Like most of the country, Georgia has been stiflingly hot lately, and even walking the few blocks to the sushi bar in the early evening was taxing.

We went to bed relatively early—no crazy late nights of drinking and debauchery downtown for us, after all—and I awoke in the middle of the night with a really stuffy head. Surely the AC was to blame—the air was blasting icily over us, and I turned the temperature up and got in bed.

In the morning I felt even worse. The migraine was back, however mildly, and the stuffy head showed no signs of retreat.

Know what’s weird? It took me a good half-day before I realized that I had a cold. Sure, the migraine discomfort was being exacerbated by the stuffy head and drippy nose, but this extreme stuffiness was not because of a migraine. I took some liquid cough-medicine-meets-decongestent and felt a lot better within a few hours.

Sometimes a cold is just a cold.

But paired with migraine and left untreated, a cold can make a migraineur miserable.

Today’s the first day I woke up pain-free. I still have the sneezies and sniffles, but no migraine. Thank goodness.

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