Tell Congress We Need Hearings on Migraine

Some of the biggest problems faced by those of us who live with Migraines are a result of inadequate funding for research and educational initiatives.

Have you tried medications for Migraine prevention? If so, you may have noticed that there are none available that were originally developed for Migraine. Not a single drug.

All the medications we use are hand-me-down medications that were originally developed for another condition, then found to work for some people for Migraine.

The continuing misconceptions and myths that surround Migraine make it harder to live with Migraine too. It’s difficult to function in a society where so many people still think a Migraine is “just a headache” and that we should be able to “pop a couple of Tylenol” and “get over it.”

Then there’s the stigma. Studies have shown that the stigma associated with Migraine increases the burden of the disease. Some employers thing we’re lazy and looking for time off work. Coworkers often thing we’re just being difficult when we ask them not to wear perfume to work because it triggers our Migraines. I could go on, but you know what I’m talking about.

At the root of much of this is one basic fact – Congress and the agencies they oversee, such as the NIH, simply are unaware of the huge scope of the problem. They’re not going to suddenly become aware, so we need to do something to help make them aware.

The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) has been working toward increased NIH research funding for Migraine and other headache disorders. We’ve made some progress, but it’s just not fast enough, so we’re working on a new strategy. We’re working to get Congressional hearings held on the impact of Migraine and other headache disorders. Such Congressional hearings have been highly beneficial to those with other diseases. One example is the Congressional hearings on Parkinson’s disease. You may remember them being televised and Michael J. Fox testifying during these hearings.

Today, I’m asking you to please sign an online petition urging Congress to hold the first-ever Congressional hearing on Migraine and other headache disorders. Such hearings don’t just happen because we sit back and wish for them or because “other people” take action. We all need to take action, and it’s so simple it can be done in two minutes – literally.

We’ve prepared the petition. All you need to do is follow the link to the petition. Add your first name, last name, email address, and ZIP code. Then click the “Sign the Petition” button. If you want to add additional comments, space is provided. Once you’ve clicked the button, a page come up, inviting you to share it with your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. That extra step is also very short and quick, and it can lead to more signatures, making the petition more effective.


Thank you!

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