Heat Wave!!

If you were living in the South ANYWHERE in the USA at the end of June and beginning of July, you know how horrendous the heat was.

I have lived in Georgia most of my life; at times I’ve lived in a landlocked town called Valdosta, where temperatures in the summer regularly reach 100 and humidity is almost always extremely high.

Yet even I was unprepared for the intensity of this heat wave.

Every time there is a period of extreme heat, I notice all over again how my body is out of whack even if I don’t go outside often (or at all). It’s as if my body is somehow tuned into the greater world even if I am trying to hide myself in air conditioning.

On the worst day of the heat wave, I got into the bookshop when the outside temperatures were still in the 80s. I didn’t leave again until the late afternoon, long after temperatures had already reached 104+. But I swear I could sense the heat even when I was working inside my cool, insulated, air-conditioned bookshop. I felt out of sorts, a little tired and worn down. I was chugging water and—pardon the over-sharing—barely peed at all. I was reacting to the heat even though I was not out in it.

Perhaps I’m giving myself too much credit here, but as a very sensitive person who happens to have migraine disease, I wonder sometimes if non-migraineurs are this sensitive to the environment. I guess I want to feel special.

For those of you whose parts of the world experienced heat waves recently (or if you live elsewhere and have any strong heat wave memories), what has your experience been? Do you sense what’s going on outdoors even if you’re safely ensconced in a climate-controlled indoor environment? I’d love to hear!

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