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Heat Wave!!

If you were living in the South ANYWHERE in the USA at the end of June and beginning of July, you know how horrendous the heat was.

I have lived in Georgia most of my life; at times I’ve lived in a landlocked town called Valdosta, where temperatures in the summer regularly reach 100 and humidity is almost always extremely high.

Yet even I was unprepared for the intensity of this heat wave.

Every time there is a period of extreme heat, I notice all over again how my body is out of whack even if I don’t go outside often (or at all). It’s as if my body is somehow tuned into the greater world even if I am trying to hide myself in air conditioning.

On the worst day of the heat wave, I got into the bookshop when the outside temperatures were still in the 80s. I didn’t leave again until the late afternoon, long after temperatures had already reached 104+. But I swear I could sense the heat even when I was working inside my cool, insulated, air-conditioned bookshop. I felt out of sorts, a little tired and worn down. I was chugging water and—pardon the over-sharing—barely peed at all. I was reacting to the heat even though I was not out in it.

Perhaps I’m giving myself too much credit here, but as a very sensitive person who happens to have migraine disease, I wonder sometimes if non-migraineurs are this sensitive to the environment. I guess I want to feel special.

For those of you whose parts of the world experienced heat waves recently (or if you live elsewhere and have any strong heat wave memories), what has your experience been? Do you sense what’s going on outdoors even if you’re safely ensconced in a climate-controlled indoor environment? I’d love to hear!

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  • Jeannie
    8 years ago

    I definatly feel hotter when a migraine is coming on, almost like a hot flash feeling!

  • barbsa
    8 years ago

    It’s been warmer than usual here in Michigan and I have had more Migraines this summer than ever–no fun at all! We have no air conditioning, and fans don’t help with the humidity. My doc confirmed today that I am right that this is a likely trigger-nice to know, but fall seems like a long time away!!

  • kariwasney
    8 years ago

    I am also in Michigan. I agree this summer has been a lot worse than normal. The humidity has made the migraines and allergies both a lot worse this year. Yesterday and today have been the really bad days keeping me down with them because it’s been 85 yesterday and now raining and only mid 60s with high humidity and rain today. So that change always throws me through that loop and keeps me down for a few days.

  • carolseelman
    8 years ago

    Maggie, your article could very well say Carol says:I live in north central Wisconsin and the temperature here for weeks has been 100 and over.Actually most of the state has been declared a drought area. I too have had migraines every single day and have been living my life in an air conditioned house. I open the door numerous time a day to let my dogs out and in and am only out in the elements to get medication for my migraines or to go to the grocery store when I am very close to being out of food.I am writing this with another migraine and like you my entire life is centered on my migraines. I can barely get up in the morning, everything that I have to do is a chore and even cutting up a watermelon and a cantalope is a big,big deal. It was so great to read about someone who is going through the same symptoms that I am.

  • Maggie
    8 years ago

    I live in the Midwest and have had migraines every single day that the temp has been above 100. I spend most of the day inside in a/c, however going out and driving home in the heat will trigger a migraine. I also feel run down, worn out and out of sorts. I find I have the most energy when the day is cooler or in the evening if it cools down.

  • tinamontgomery
    8 years ago

    I am in NW Louisiana and have experienced this as well. I don’t know whether it is air pressure or humidity but weather changes is my main trigger.

  • j@cbrace
    8 years ago

    I can relate as well unfortunately I do not have air conditioning in my car and it was miserable but even when I was inside in the air conditioning it was hard its like extreme weather triggers a migraine for me. Summer is my favorite time of year but with the weather and the glare from the sun I have more migraines in the summer than any other season. I do try to wear sunglasses but it doesnt help and god forbid I try and wear a hat anything constricting to the head is a full proof trigger for me anyone have any suggestions

  • kimmarker
    8 years ago

    I thought I was an odd one. I feel run down and nauseated. I feel just on the edge of a migraine when the heat and humidity get into the 80’s and up. I also stay inside with climate control. And just like others, when the storms stir up, I can feel the pressure buld up in my head. Thank you all for sharing this. Now, I know that I’m not bonkers.

  • jodgo25
    8 years ago

    Absolutely!!!! Weather changes and extreme heat make me so intensely sick that I am to the point where I dread summer. I can usually predict the weather 24 hours in advance just by the way I feel.

  • sarahblankenship
    8 years ago

    Very much so….I am a very accurate weather predictor. Summer storms are much harder on me than in other seasons, I’m not sure why. I work in an office with AC and no windows, but I might as well be out in the back yard for all the effect being indoors has on my migraines.

  • carolseelman
    8 years ago

    Sarah, isn’t it weird that those of us with migraines do not even have to be out in the hot weather to experience migraines. I am a prisoner in my air conditioned house and do not even open a door except to let my dogs out and in, but I am having migraines every single day.

  • Benice
    8 years ago

    I am definitely effected by the weather and notice the changes coming before anyone else does. Even inside in air-conditioning I feel overwhelmed and can get a mild migraine. On stormy days forget it I am in bed.

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