Hello, Four Eyes

I'm going to a franchised eyeglass/eye exam store today to get glasses. I looked at the prices/selection at one of the only local eye businesses, and the prices were just too high. Sorry, local business. I've bought from you before but can't do it this time around.

I'm going to Pearle Vision, whose eye exams are purportedly half the price of Lenscrafters' exams. (Pearle = $40. Lenscrafters = $80.) Let's hope the people are as friendly and helpful in person as they have been over the phone.

In a sense, I feel as if I'm givin' up the dream--the Irlen dream. But my two attempts to reach the only listed Irlen representative in Georgia have been unsuccessful, and the rose- and anti-glare-tinting Pearle offers will help a LOT, I think. I think.

Right now I feel daunted by the high prices I'm about to pay. Clearly I will be spending a lot, despite the lovely AAA 30% discount and any other specials they throw at me. Getting new glasses is a HUGE investment, so part of me--a BIG part of me--is tempted to try to cheapen the deal, not going for all the fancy lens coatings and filters they offer. (A well-trained skeptic, I sometimes go overboard in my mistrust of salespeople and the things they offer unto me.) But lots of [unofficial, online] research and some reading of official manuscripts in medical journals has led me to this: I will buy those fancy filters. I'm goin' for as many as I can get, as different people and different studies suggest that each of the fancy filters I'm about to list has helped with glare, night driving, computer-staring, and--tadum!--fluorescent lighting. I'll go for the rose tint on a pair, added to the UV filter, polarized lenses, and non-glare coating. I'll be migraine-free--and broke--before you know it!

Tee hee.

I do pay tons to visit my less-than-steller neurologist & company in Atlanta every few months. Considering the price of gas, the 1.5-hour ride, and the $135 appointment fee (not payable by my credit card), I sure do pay a lot to TREAT my migraines. Why not pay a lot to help prevent?

Fingers crossed. Thank god for my AMEX and the necessary things it helps me buy. Can't wait til my first work paycheck comes in and I can pay off some of my Migraine-induced debt!

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