Help With Those “Migraine Resolutions”

We know keeping resolutions can be challenging. Here are some resources to help you stick to some of the most common “migraine resolutions” for 2012:

1. Eat a healthier and migraine-friendly diet

A Balanced Diet – Living With Migraine
Planning Meals to Prevent Hunger Related Migraines
Foods Implicated in Migraine
Eating a Migraine Friendly Diet
Migraine-Friendly Recipes

2. Find Ways To Exercise & Be More Active

Migraine, Exercise, & A Healthy Lifestyle
5 Ways To Deal With Exercise As A Trigger
Got A Migraine? Get A Dog!

3. Keep a journal and identify triggers/symptoms

Management Essentials: Trigger Identification
Food & Lifestyle Journaling
Elimination Diets
Migraines Have Triggers
Migraine Phases & Symptoms

4. Keep in touch with friends and family despite migraines

Management Essentials: Support
Staying In Touch With Greeting Cards

5. Find the right doctor:

What Makes Migraine Specialists Different
Management Essentials: Doctors & Diagnosis
Is It Time For A New Migraine Doctor?
MRF’s Directory of Headache and Migraine Specialists

6. Get involved, educate others, and become an advocate:

Get Involved
How To Be An Empowered Migraineur
Tell Congress We Need Hearings on Migraine
Share Your Migraine Stories
Educating Others About Migraine
10 Things I Want To Share About Migraine
Talking To Children About Migraine

7. Practice mindfulness

Meeting Myself Where I Am: Migraines & Mindfulness
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

8. Maintain a regular sleep schedule & identify sleep triggers

Identifying Sleep Triggers
Managing Sleep Triggers
Sleep, Body Weight, & Migraines

9. Be more prepared

Set Up Your Migraine Summary Document
6 Tips For Optimal Results With Your Doctor
Your Migraine Tool Bag
Be Prepared For Your Next Attack
Kids Migraine Survival Bag

10. Put your health first

I don’t want to let you down
Memorable Migraines

What are your resolutions this year… and how can we help? Tell us!


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  • Staci Gardner Carey
    7 years ago

    These are fabulous things I for one need to do. The other thing I did was order an Air Purifier for my home to assist in getting things out of my environment that may be contributing to my migraines. I will let you all know if they improve…..

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    7 years ago

    FABULOUS list! Thank you Blake!

  • Teri Robert
    7 years ago

    Thanks for putting this all together!

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