Herbal supplements, prescription assistance, etc.

Here's something I wrote in response to a query on a new health community site I love, WEGO Health.
It's about the herbal supplements I've heard of as being TRULY helpful for Migraine, not just recommended by some person you ran into one time at the supermarket. Of course they're not helpful for all people, but it's worth a try!


My neurologist (who's pretty prominent) as well as many other acquaintances' doctors recommend a few different vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements for migraine care.

1. Petadolex (a mixture of butterbur, B2, and perhaps one other thing--I forget what) is a daily supplement you take to help diminish the number of attacks and lessen the pain and side effects that accompany the attacks you do have. (http://www.migraineaid.com/) I buy mine through a shop on Amazon because it's cheaper there than anywhere else I've found.

2. Vitamin B2, about 400 mg/day. (This is approx. 23,000 the RDA--but that's the amount they recommend! Gives you wonderful energy.)

3. Magnesium, 500mg/day

Chamomile, mint, and feverfew are also frequently recommended.

As far as the expensive triptans go:

My doctor tells me that Imitrex will be going generic "later this year." Great news! I don't know the specific date. And look here to see if you qualify for prescription assistance programs--even if you have insurance you might be a candidate for one of the many programs offered!

I can't recommend this program enough, and I've only heard back from one company so far! (Waiting for my doctor to sign the forms so I can start getting cheap to FREE meds!)

Take care, and good luck!

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