Hit By A Speeding Car

This really crappy thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was on a four-lane city highway, waiting patiently in the left-hand lane to make a turn onto the street that leads to my bookshop. I was at a full stop, waiting for traffic to clear so I could turn.

And then something caught my eye. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw a car zooming toward me right as I heard the squeal of brakes and saw, for the briefest of moments, black smoke come up from the street where the driver’s wheels tried to screech to a halt.


Hit from behind by a speeding car. It was so fast, so unbelievable. I looked around the car as if to orient myself. I looked down at my body: everything was in its place, the seatbelt having held me in safely. I pulled down the street to park safely and then made sure the other guy was okay as I dialed 911.

I thought because I wasn’t immediately bleeding or crying from pain that I’d be fine. I didn’t need an ambulance, & I felt okay. But the state trooper who arrived at the scene, my beau, and my insurance agent all encouraged me to go to the hospital. I was a little loopy (turns out hitting your head on the back of the seat can do that to you when you’ve been hit so hard), but I didn’t feel all that bad.

The ER doctor told me it’d be a little worse the next day, and then the next. By the end of that day, I had a migraine, which is no surprise. The back and neck pain were mild at first, and I was really encouraged, thinking this wouldn’t be all that bad.

And oh. my. gosh. This HURTS. Some days I feel fine, as if almost nothing happened; the next day I bend down to turn the faucet on and my back explodes into spasms and I start to cry. A couple of days ago my neck was stiff and in pain—one of my migraine triggers. And, sure enough, I had a migraine by evening.

Has anyone reading this been in a car accident where back pain, neck pain, and/or whiplash were at play? How did you take care of yourself so that the accident didn’t exacerbate your migraines? Did your migraines get worse? How did you deal?

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