Holiday Gifts that Support the Migraine Community

With the winter holidays rapidly approaching, the hunt for meaningful gifts is becoming more frantic every day. If you or someone you love suffers from migraine disease (and I'm guessing that's the case since you found your way to, consider one of these gift options that support the migraineur in your life and the migraine community at large. As a bonus, you can take advantage of any of these ideas without even leaving your house!

Migraine Research Foundation Donation

The Migraine Research Foundation (MRF) is a nonprofit organization that funds migraine-related research in the United States. Their medical advisory board reads like a "who's who" of migraine treatment. In its mere three years of existence the MRF has awarded an astounding $700,000 in research grants. Your donation goes entirely to research efforts. None of it is used for administrative purposes because the MRF is completely underwritten. If we have any chance of coming up with better treatments for migraine disease our biggest hope lies with the MRF. You can learn more or make an online donation by visiting their website at

National Headache Foundation Donation

In contrast to the Migraine Research Foundation, the National Headache Foundation provides education and support to headache and migraine patients. They have established wonderful resources to help patients learn how best to manage their condition by minimizing triggers, recognizing headache patterns and many other key strategies. The NHF is an extremely visible organization and an important source of both online and community support and information for migraine patients. To help them continue providing a high level of assistance, consider making a donation. NFH members also receive a copy of the NHF's Head Lines publication, which shares breaking news, reviews, questions answered by migraine experts and lists of in-person support groups. You can learn more and make an online donation at

Living Well With Migraine Book

Migraine patient advocate Teri Robert, who is a member of the team here at, has written what many of us consider the bible of migraines, Living Well with Headaches and Migraine Disease. You can grab a copy on and at other online retailers for a song. If you want to help empower a migraineur in your life this holiday season, look no further than Teri's fantastic book. Reading it opened my eyes to a world of help and support that I never knew existed. It quite literally changed everything for me and has the power to do that for many others.

Migraine Expressions Book

For the migraineur who wants to be inspired by the creativity and genius of others, Betsy Blondin's Migraine Expressions book is a wonderful choice. Migraine Expressions is a beautiful coffee table-quality publication filled with the art and writing of migraineurs and their loved ones. It's also the kind of thing that has the power to help someone who doesn't understand migraine disease see and feel the burden we all face. That same quality makes it incredibly comforting for migraine patients, who will see themselves in the pages. The book is available for order on

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