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Migraines and the Holidays – A Series

Migraines and holidays — Ho! Ho! Ho! HA!

I’m not telling you anything new when I say that Migraines can really mess with our holidays and our holiday plans. That’s simply a fact of life for those of us who live with Migraine disease. Another fact is that we can bemoan our fates and let Migraine win, or we can be proactive and enjoy the holidays as much as possible, despite Migraines.

Diana, Ellen, Janet, Kerrie, Nancy, and I are putting together a series of holiday blog posts, combining our 187 years of living with Migraines, to offer you some tips for and different perspectives on Migraines and the holidays. We’re going to cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Trying to keep a schedule.
  • Taking care of children when you have a Migraine.
  • How to keep your healthy habits and maintain consistency.
  • Tips for holiday parties.
  • Tips for making travel easier.
  • Now to say, “No,” to events, family commitments, etc.
  • Delegating responsibilities.
  • How to get a holiday meal on the table.
  • Much more…

As these blog entries are posted, we hope you’ll post comments and join us in discussing them. Please share your own perspective on them.

Whatever holidays you may be observing, all of us at hope they’re as pain-free and joyful as possible.


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