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How can I be prepared for my next Migraine attack?

A Migraine bag is helpful tool to have on hand the next time you suffer a Migraine attack. I suggest it to everyone I talk to about Migraine – especially if they live alone or are parenting small children.

A Migraine bag is a special bag you have packed in advance to help you during the different stages of your attack. Because you have planned carefully and put it together in advance, it saves you (or your helper) the effort of locating the things you need during your attack because they are already packed together and always in one handy location. Some Migraineurs even choose to keep a second Migraine bag in their car.

Your bag itself should be brightly colored enough that you can easily find it during an aura, yet not so bright that it hurts sensitive Migraine eyes. (Think primary colors or a color you won’t normally use elsewhere) The noticeable color will also be easy for others to find for you in case you have someone helping you during your attack who is unfamiliar with your bag. Multiple pockets like those found on backpacks are very handy, because they allow you to tuck things away and easily find them by feel if you are in the middle of a severe aura or are trying to keep yourself away from painful lighting.

To put together your Migraine bag, you’ll want a few supplies: zippered sandwich bags of various sizes. At least one color waterproof pen such as a Sharpie – color coding items can be very helpful. Plastic page sleeves are not necessary, but very helpful.

Now you’re ready to build your Migraine Tool Bag! See part 2 of this series

Do you have a Migraine emergency bag? What tools would you put in your Migraine bag?

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  • Marlene Ferraro Emmett
    8 years ago

    I can’t wait till Exedrine Migraine comes back onto store shelves in Mid May.
    I need to have a good supply of Excedrine Migraine in my house and in my handbag.
    Without it I’ve been up a creek without a paddle.
    I never leave the house without my sunglasses or my migraine meds.
    I don’t have a bag, but it does sound like a good idea.
    I Always have migraine meds and Exedrine Migraine in my handbage & in my tote bag.
    I also have Hydrocodine or Vicodine & treximet with me at all times!
    And I also have my cell phone and certain doctors names with the letters “ICE” next.
    to their names, these are “In case of Emergency” numbers.

  • Kathy Jo Horton Bishop
    8 years ago

    hey I feel a little stupid…click on the blue migraine bag and it leads to a whole other article about what to put in it…..

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Everything in blue is a link. For more complete information, you will always want to click those links 🙂 This helps us keep posts more relevant and readable.

  • Catherine Charrett-Dykes
    8 years ago

    i thought something was missing from the article too…didn’t flow right or something

  • Catherine Charrett-Dykes
    8 years ago

    are there things missing from this post? it seemed like it was going somewhere w/the baggies and sharpie.

    i don’t have a bag, being chronic there are things I just don’t leave the house w/o…like meds and sunglasses…..if I’m going away and that hasn’t happened in yrs now that is a whole other bag of stuff, like my favorite pillows.

  • Jill Oglesby Dehlin
    8 years ago

    Things I pack include: eye mask, baseball hat and sunglasses, ear plugs, rescue meds, my complete medical history including meds I take, abnormal test results and procedures I’ve had, and my insurance card.

  • Mary Cook
    8 years ago

    A new, functioning brain.

  • Mary Cook
    8 years ago

    My present one has really let me down over the years!

  • Catherine Charrett-Dykes
    8 years ago

    i’ll take one of those too Mary!!!

  • Shannon Jose
    8 years ago

    ok I will try any.

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