How can I keep parenting during a Migraine?

When my children were small, I was lucky that I didn’t experience Migraine attacks as frequently as I have them now. Still, when you have small kids, it’s never convenient to be hit with something like a Migraine.

My husband was frequently out of state for weeks at a stretch, and with no family nearby I was left to my own devices when I got “sick”. As a horse trainer, I had years before adopted the phrase — “Plan for the worst, hope for the best” — a bit of wisdom that kept me out of lots of trouble. When it came to trying to be a parent with Migraine, I learned early on to adopt that same attitude to my illness.

One of the first things we put together was my Migraine bag — a nifty bag of tools hat helped me get through those rough patches. Eventually I figured out that my little tool bag needed an addition to help my kids get through those tough days too. After a long and cramped car ride from Missouri to Oregon with a 7 and 3 yr old, we came up with the kids’ survival bag — an add-on to my already handy Migraine bag.

The trick is to keep the kids busy and quiet with something new and exciting that they usually don’t have the opportunity to experience in normal day-to-day life. The tip is to be sure their physical needs are met in ways that are just as new and interesting to them.

When my children saw me feeling Migrainey, they were happy to go to the closet and pull out the special Migraine bag for me so they could spend the day doing the quiet activities they knew were hidden inside in their kids’ survival bag. Changing the contents of the bag from time to time kept them excited at the potential for something completely new to try for the day. Letting them pick out new items for the bag during shopping trips made breaking out the bag even more exciting for them. Here is the second post in this series with instructions how to make your own kids’ survival bag.

The key really is keeping the contents fresh and new. Having multiple bags inside the bag also made for some fun. This allowed me to hand them one small bag of activities and set the timer for them. When the timer went off, it was time to change to something completely new!

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