Expert Answer: How can I manage triggers such as stress & environmental changes?

As for stress being a trigger, there’s still some controversy, but I hate to see anyone accept that stress is a trigger without at least trying to see if they encounter triggers during stressful times that they either don’t encounter at other times or they’re only triggers when the body is stressed.

The International Headache Society has removed stress from their list of Migraine triggers and put it on their list of exacerbating factors- things that make us more susceptible to our triggers. I’d have sworn stress was a trigger for me until I kept a very detailed diary for a few months. I hope you’ll thoroughly investigate this as I think we do ourselves a real disservice by thinking stress is a trigger for us and not looking closely for other triggers during stressful times.

If by environmental changes, you mean weather changes/changes in barometric pressure, some Migraineurs have found that they can avoid at least some Migraines from this trigger by taking Diamox when they know a weather front is coming. This also applies to Migraines triggered by flying or changes in altitude.

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