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How do you get through the holidays without making Migraines worse?

Pampering during the holidays is not an option when you have chronic Migraine. However, most of us are hit so hard with the guilt bomb that we purposely neglect to put ourselves on the list. Migraineurs need to be reminded sometimes just how vitally important it is that we take care of ourselves during the holidays. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we rob our families of the person they love.

If you’re in a relationship or are the caretaker of someone – a child or sick relative, think of your last airplane trip – you were told the oxygen masks would deploy in an emergency, and you should put yours on first, then help your child. Why? If you aren’t conscious to help your child, neither of you will survive. Taking care of YOU is the best way to take care of them.

So, here is part one of my Top 10 list of the ways I try to treat myself well when holiday stress arrives…

1. Stay hydrated in style: I break out the lovely goblets to drink my water. I hate water, but something about drinking it from beautiful stemware makes it feel like something truly special. Gorgeous flutes and goblets can be had on the cheap – spend $1 at your local Dollar Tree and let yourself relax. If I feel like it, I use a little distilled water and some mint leaves or cranberries to make pretty ice cubes that liven it even more.

2. Turn on the classical music: No matter what your favorite style of tunes is, research shows that listening to calming classical music soothes psychologically as well as physiologically. Among other things, it’s been shown to be effective in hospitals and dentists’ offices to lessen stress and relieve the perception of pain.

3. Combine soothing sounds with your music: The sound of running water, chirping birds, the beach, or even the sounds of a crackling fire in the background can help reduce feelings of stress by inducing the relaxation response we would experience if we were truly in a calming outdoor sanctuary.

Read Part 2 for a handful of other things we can all do to pamper ourselves for the holidays…

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