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How to Afford Acupuncture for Migraines

If the idea of having small needles placed in various spots on your body doesn’t scare you*, the cost of acupuncture might. Unlike many Western medical treatments, acupuncture is rarely covered by insurance. Each treatment can cost anywhere between $50 and $120, and you may need to come in two or three times each week for the most effective treatment for your migraines. The money adds up fast.

Here are some options for making acupuncture more affordable:

Community acupuncture – Community acupuncture is treatment in a group setting. Costs are kept lower in this kind of setting, enabling you to receive more frequent treatments from qualified professionals. The Community Acupuncture Network offers a search engine to help you find a group in your area: Community Acupuncture Network Search.

Negotiate – Ask the treatment provider if you can get a discount by paying in advance for a package of sessions.

Check with your health insurance provider – Make sure you know what your policy will and will not cover. It’s rare for insurance companies to cover acupuncture, but you’ll never know for sure unless you ask.

Visit a school – Being treated by an acupuncturist in training is an affordable way to get treatments in a safe environment. Find a school near you by searching here:

Creative coding – If you see an acupuncturist who is also an MD or DO, the provider may be able to code your treatment in a way that your insurance company will cover the sessions.

Flexible spending account – If your employer provides a flexible spending account program you can pay for your treatments with pre-tax money.

Tax deduction – If you can’t make any other option work you can still try to deduct the cost of any medical treatments not covered by insurance, including acupuncture, from your incomes taxes if you meet certain requirements.

To find a qualified acupuncturist visit: NCCAOM Certified Practitioner Search.

* It really doesn’t hurt. I promise. It’s nothing compared to a migraine, and the needles are small.

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  • Janice Worden Lamb Clemens
    7 years ago

    As a nurse in a physicians office the above sound so simple. As a migraine sufferer they sound like Heaven.Unfortunately none o fthe above apply to me. We don’t have a community acupuncture group in my area, nor do we have an MD or DO so no one that does acupuncture takes my insurance. The acupuncturist that I have used in the past does is awesome and does have a plan to pay up front for mumerous treatments at once so you get a discount but I certainly don’t have hundreds of dollars to lay out all at once.I could barely scrounge up the office visit cost just to go on an as needed basis. We do not have an Acupuncture school anywhere close to where I live , it is over 3 hours away(not feasible when you have to work), nor do I have a flex spending account with my insurance(my deductible is $1500.00) which I have not met as I cannot afford to get sick as cannot afford anything out of pocket ao my physicians that I work for has been managing my health issues(thank god and they are awesome). The tax deduction at the end of the year is great if you can afford to pay out of pocket during the year but , like me , if you can’t that doesn’t help either. I would love to go back to my Acupuncturist because he really did offer me some relief but at $65.00 every time I go that is soooooo not in the budget since my husband just went back to work after finishing his chemo and his hours have been like 12-15 hours a week because he is a construction foreman and right now there is not a lot of construction going on(thank you to our government for that). So I just keep going the way I have been. One day at a time, headache everyday, and working a part-time second job 3 evenings a week on top of a fulltime 40 plus hour week taking care of a client just to buy groceries.I am up right now at 2 am because my head hurts so much but of course I can’t sleep yet I have to be up at 5am to get ready to go to work….my life wth migraines……welcome into my world…..

  • Sonia Bowden
    8 years ago

    That did not post the way I wrote it, oh well close enough.

  • Sonia Bowden
    8 years ago

    If acupuncture does work, it would cheaper for the Insurance because. Than conventional tx. Stupid insurance because.

  • Heidi Roswell
    8 years ago

    In 27 years of having migraines, acupunture is one thing that has helped. For me it’s not a total cure but it helps. I go once a week and my sessions are $35. I’m in the NH area.

  • Melanie Grossi
    8 years ago

    Community accupuncture is an awesome alternative to private sessions. During the period last fall when I was migraining daily I went 3/week and it was somewhat helpful, but mostly relaxing and the payment was sliding fee.

  • Janice Worden Lamb Clemens
    8 years ago

    Acupuncture helped a lot and I got relief that was unbelievable but it’s not covered by my insurance and I can’t afford to pay out of pocket so I can’t go back, wish I could.

  • Krisshan Kant
    8 years ago

    Get hold of a pran yantra or tesla plates india.The famous American Astrologer and Author, Linda Goodman writes in Star Signs about these purple plates that’s it’s a best tool for pregnant mothers. It relieves back pain, migraine, spondalities, etc within 20 minutes and controls nausea and vomiting and much much more.
    For chronic pains, use regularly. Use it as a free energy tool, Meditation: Deaddiction: Food & Liquid Freshener: Telepathy: insomnia, etc.

  • Erika Suzanne
    8 years ago

    I need to try this! Thanks for suggestions!

    8 years ago

    Hi Everyone – Don’t forget websites that offer deals and coupons including and In fact, today’s deal for Philadelphia is discounted acupuncture!

  • Janice Worden Lamb Clemens
    8 years ago

    I tried acupuncture and it did work but it’s not covered by my insurance and I can’t afford to go back

  • Beth Callahan Parsons
    8 years ago

    It really helped my migraines, but insurance won’t pay for it..I can’t afford to go

  • Carolyn Nelson Doherty
    8 years ago

    Acupuncture cut my migraines in half! We are all so different.

  • Debbie Charlton Frank
    8 years ago

    Accupuncture made my migraines worse

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