I actually went to yoga class!

So—miracle of miracles—I went to yoga this week. My therapeutic yoga teacher was genuinely surprised to see me: “Janet! You’re back! I thought we’d lost you for good.” I don’t remember when I last attended my Tuesday morning class, but I believe it was when the weather was warm enough that I didn’t need a coat. In Georgia, this means it was probably September or before. Eesh.

I had a few reasons I half-dreaded going, though, and I’m thankful that the awesome reality far outweighed my unfounded worries.

What if people ask me about the bookstore and I have to admit that the storefront’s not open yet? What if they think I’m not a serious business person?

What if we are doing basic exercises and I get exhausted? What if I’m embarrassed at how little I can do? What if I’m totally out of shape?

What if the teacher doesn’t even remember my name?

All these [self-centered] concerns were for naught.

Yes, people asked about the bookstore, but of course there was no judgment when I told them about some of the snafus I’ve been facing over the months. Absolutely no one indicated that I wasn’t a serious business person—and, in retrospect, what an utterly foolish fear to have! First off, WHO CARES what naysayers think about my profession?

And perhaps an obvious reminder to myself: this is a therapeutic yoga course. It has always been totally acceptable (in fact, encouraged) to never push yourself.

Finally, I’ve known my yoga teacher for almost two years now. She probably won’t blank on my name. But if she were to forget, I have no doubt that she’d remember me, my story, my health issues, and my bookstore.

So let’s get down to the real subject at hand: YOGA CLASS. Oh my goodness. Drool. Delight. It was awesome. I’ll risk sounding cuckoo to you non-yogis and say that I could really feel the energy and space moving through my body. I felt awake and alive and not at all achy. The word “luxurious” echoed in my head several times before I was even conscious of thinking it. It was an apt description, though. I felt so great. Yoga doesn’t deliver this natural high to me every time, but most of the time it does. And that’s what I need to remember when I’m tempted to stay at home to catch up on work instead of going to class.


I can’t attend the next two weeks because of my travel and meeting schedule, but I’ll be back the last week of February. Slowly but surely I’m trying to enact my new year’s resolutions.

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