I Am So Close to a New Diagnosis for My Autoimmune Condition

Just a heads-up: this entry isn’t so much about migraine disease, but it is about my chronic autoimmune condition, which many of us migraineurs deal with as well.

After a long, long wait, I finally got in to see my new rheumatologist this morning. I have really great doctors on my side, and though I’d heard good things about this new doctor in town, I was a little nervous about our first meeting.

I needn’t have been. Dr. C. was timely, friendly, professional, and made sure I fully understood everything we talked about. He spent about 35-40 uninterrupted minutes with me, taking care to do a complete exam while also talking to me about my life, my interests, etc. As he started to wrap things up, I asked him to take a look at my iPad, where I’d written two pages’ worth of notes about my symptoms over the last while. He was game (and did not show even a wink of exasperation, which I’ve seen in other doctors’ eyes when I tell them I have more questions or comments and am not ready for them to leave the room) and looked at everything on the document.

Until I do a little more blood work, I won’t know 100% what the diagnosis is, but Dr. C. is almost completely confident that I have psoriatic arthritis. He tells me that his patients with psoriatic arthritis have most of my same complaints (including that awful, persistent chest/lung-area pain I’ve been suffering from off and on for years and especially of late), and most are very happy with the current drug options. In this case, it seems that having no insurance might actually work well for me, as it looks like there are a couple of ways to get these meds (which cost a staggering $18,000/year out of pocket) for FREE.

I feel lucky, and I can’t wait to get a final, firm diagnosis so I can start drug therapy and maybe feel a little better.

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