I wash my hands of this!

After nearly four years of being on my condo association's board of directors (first as secretary, then as secretary/treasurer, and now as treasurer), I have felt some relief: due to my urging, we are going to hire an association management company to take over! I'll still retain my fancy title but with 99% of the work going to the management company and not to me. No more putting notices in people's boxes, asking them to clean up their yards! No more invoicing neighbors for their late, monthly condo dues! No more meeting with accountants multiple times a year to work out the books and file the taxes! No more emailing homeowners asking them to get their tenants to clean up the remnant's from Friday night's party! No more emailing association members repeatedly with getting very little in return! No more feeling guilty because I didn't do as much as I felt I should have (despite no one else doing much at all)! No more reminding people once a month that they cannot leave garbage in piles OUTSIDE of the cans! No more calling the garbage service to ask them to clean up extra mess!
Yay! Joy! Heaven!

There's still more work to go, but that works is OURS (and not mine), as it should have been all along. I can't say how many neighborhood-related woes have contributed to migraine attacks.


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