I’m coming out!, or, shredding this veil of secrecy

Well, kids, it seems high time I finally just tell you who I am. I'm sure only 2 of you out there are even wondering, but I feel it's an important step for me to say who I am once and for all. As it stands, my mom and sister know about my blog, and they're two of the people who could get hurt most by it (not due to any secrets I spill, more because reading about my illness makes them upset).

My name is Janet Geddis. I am a 28-year-old resident of Athens, GA. As you may already know, I've had migraines since I was 13--unfortunately (for myriad reasons, the most significant of which was doctors' not reading the signs) I wasn't diagnosed until June 2001. I'm a tutor, storyteller, and general carouser--I am in the market for more stimulating work that's just as meaningful as helping kids and teens.

That's all for now. Just thought I'd share.

Writing this blog has been so very therapeutic for me; to know that there are others out there who can truly sympathize has worked wonders for the sadness that's often concomitant with this disease. Thank you all.

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