Importance of Keeping a Migraine Journal

Keeping a migraine journal is one of the best ways to gather information about your migraine disease and its impact on your life. Not only can it help you keep precise track of what is going on with your disease, it is the best way to provide information to your doctors.

Good headache & migraine doctors love it when their patients keep a journal because it allows them to see in black and white, at a moment's glance, exactly how many attacks you are having, how debilitating they are, what symptoms you're living with and how you are using your medications. This information can help them spot patterns in triggers and symptoms.

If you find it necessary to apply for short or long term disability benefits, having kept a migraine journal will make it easier to establish your case. While migraine disease isn't always easy to get covered under disability, if you are able to establish that your attacks make it impossible for you to work, you can get approved. Having months or years of journal data to support your case can be very helpful.

Keeping a journal can be very helpful to both you and your doctor in assessing the effectiveness of preventive treatments and medications. Sometimes as the patient it can be easy to overlook subtle changes or improvements in your condition. By keeping track in a journal you will have more objective information about how your condition has been while you've been taking a particular medication or after a particular treatment. And if you've had no improvement or been worse following a treatment or medication change, your journal can help you establish that, too.

To make it easy for you to keep track of the relevant details about your attacks, symptoms, side effects, meds, etc., offers a free journal that you can access through and through the iPhone app, Migraine Meter.

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