In the sixteen months since we launched it has rapidly become the largest and fastest growing online patient community dedicated exclusively to migraine and headache. As has generated significant interest from physicians and other healthcare professionals, it was a natural extension to create a community dedicated to healthcare professionals that treat migraine and headache.

With 37 million Americans suffering from migraine, there is a large group of dedicated health care professionals that are seeing, diagnosing and treating migraine and headache every day. aims to become a resource to these healthcare professionals by providing information, tools and discussion needed to further the care of their migraine patients. will contain basic information for healthcare professionals about the background and definitions of migraine, clinical features, treatment and diagnosis. The site will also feature a “diagnosis assistant” that is based upon diagnostic criteria from the International Headache Society. The interactive MIDAS tool will further assist physicians in determining the impact migraine has on the lives of their patients.

Additional features include a series of downloadable patient guides--- based in part on content, information and discussion from covering essential topics in migraine self-management, unique case studies, reviews and more that will encourage discussion among healthcare professionals in the Pro forums.

To visit, point your browser directly to the URL: or click on the “” tab on the upper right hand corner of Although viewership is open to all, to comment or participate in the Pro forums, users need to register with and be validated as a healthcare professional. Membership is free and open to all US-based healthcare professionals.

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