Is this related to my migraine or not?

One thing about living with migraine is that you have little choice but to get used to the strange intricacies of this complicated syndrome and begin to see that much of the way you feel in everyday life might have to be related to your migraine.

Feeling dizzy? That could be related to migraine. Feeling exhausted? Yawning a lot? Yep, that could be migraine-related. How about those weird bursts of euphoria you sometimes feel shortly before the headache phase of your migraine? Yep, that’s part of the prodrome.

For me, it was immensely comforting to know that many of the frightening and/or off-putting symptoms I deal with are probably related to this central disease, that I’m not fending off a huge number of mysterious illnesses, that most of my symptoms are indeed related to my migraine.

Except when they’re not. Except when it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s directly related to migraine, what’s a concomitant condition (another disease or illness that often occurs alongside migraine but is not a part of migraine), & what’s totally unrelated.

For two Fridays in a row I felt totally out of it. I was misreading words while reading books & websites and misinterpreted body language and conversational tone when talking with others. I felt kind of woozy and strange and cloudy-headed. The first time this happened, it got to the point where I felt like perhaps I’d ingested some kind of drug on accident because I felt so completely kooky.

Jim suggested I talk to the doctor if it keeps up, that maybe this strangeness isn’t related to migraine at all. I told him I would, but right now there’s no money to book the doctor appointment I am very late in scheduling. (But lack of money and the stress that comes along with that is for another post entirely.)

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