Oh, joy! Waking up and being migraine-free

Last night I went to bed around 11:30 PM with a strange but not altogether unfamiliar sensation in my head and neck. It was the first twinge of what could be an impending migraine, or just a twinge of run-of-the-mill tiredness. I couldn’t tell which, and I did my usual routine: took no migraine medication but made sure my prescription and a full glass of water were next to my bed.  (For the sake of full disclosure I should say that it’s a reusable water bottle with the all-important straw and not a glass of water I always have with me—my cat Satchel will awaken me at four in the morning lapping up my personal water supply if I use a traditional cup!)

My migraines have been kept at bay the last many days, so I had that sad and discouraging feeling that I’d have one today. Once the day gets rolling, it will be a very busy one for me, and that combined with my twinges of pain last night surely weren’t good harbingers of things to come. I went to sleep quickly (thank goodness!) and hoped for the best.

I slept a full eight hours and, all things considered, I feel pretty rested. My husband and I both snore now and again—it’s just that my snoring occurs during deep sleep and therefore doesn’t rouse me, and his tends to wake me up if I’m already a little restless. I had some bad dreams (these recurring ones that haven’t surfaced in a long time, dreams where I am driving and having trouble with my breaks—nightmarish, I tell you!), and the cat crawled over me a few times and woke me up in this way that was so cute I couldn’t even complain.

My morning routine went normally—got out of bed, started the all-important morning coffee process (I drink just one cup a day and it is heavenly), and went to the bathroom. It was only when I was looking in the mirror above the sink as I was washing my hands that I realized something: I didn’t have a migraine. I don’t have even a twinge of pain or discomfort in my neck or head, and I am thinking clearly (or as clearly as I can first thing in the morning). Migraine-wise, I feel really healthy and positive about the day, and I didn’t expect that at all.

Part of me tells me that this sense of happiness and hope is one I should tamp down—lord knows I sometimes feel really euphoric and all-powerful shortly before a really bad migraine hits.  But this feels different, or at least I hope it does.

Days like this, days when I’m expecting to wake up with a migraine but instead wake up feeling home-free, are ones I’m especially grateful for.  Days like this it’s easier to see each pain- and migraine-free moment as a gift, a reprieve.

What do you do when you realize that the migraine you thought was inevitable actually isn’t going to set in?  What’s your mood like when you finally accept the fact that—at least for now—the day won’t be marred by migraine?

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