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Learning More About Migraines at a Meeting in Arizona

Every year, I go to Arizona for a few days to learn more about Migraine and
other headache disorders at the American Headache Society Scottsdale Symposium.
I was at that meeting for a few days before Thanksgiving, and the learning
opportunity was amazing. Some of the sessions were:

  • Migraine Pathophysiology Update. Pathophysiology means functional
    changes associated with or resulting from disease or injury and the study of
    those changes. During these presentations, the presenter will often pose a
    question to the attendees, electronically record the audience answers, then
    go on to explore the question. One question posed was, “Is dilation of blood
    vessels (vasodilation) a critical mechanism of Migraine?” Based on what
    you’ve learned about Migraine, what would your answer have been? You might
    be surprised by these two statements that followed the question:

    • Dilation of blood vessels is neither necessary nor sufficient for
      causing Migraine pain.
    • Cerebral and meningeal blood vessels are not dilated during
      spontaneous Migraine or Migraine induced by nitroglycerin or sildenafil.
  • How to Stop Medication Overuse Headache (MOH). This is a question
    that I’m asked over and over again – If I’m in a cycle of MOH, how do I stop
    it? Doctors have been asking themselves and each other the same question.
    What’s the best way to stop MOH? Because this is such a big issue, two
    doctors had been asked to prepare a presentation with protocols to help
    patients who are in MOH. They discussed methods for different situations.
    Which medications are causing the MOH is an important issue. Some patients
    can stop the medication causing MOH “cold turkey.” Others need help, either
    inpatient or outpatient.

Those are just two of the main topics explored at the conference. I’ll be
telling you more about those two topics and others in future entries here. In
the meantime, I thought you’d enjoy a photo I took in Arizona:

Summary of Arizona Migraine meeting

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  • Teri-Robert author
    9 years ago

    You’re welcome, Ellen! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    9 years ago

    Thanks so much for bringing this to us Teri. I’m really excited to read more about all the helpful information you’ll be bringing to us!

  • Teri-Robert author
    9 years ago


    Why doesn’t your neuro go? Is he or she a member of the American Headache Society? I really don’t see how doctors can treat Migraines well without doing some of the continuing education such as is offered at those conferences.

  • Teri-Robert author
    9 years ago

    Thanks, Olivier, and you’re welcome! It’s great fun to share new info with everyone.

  • Olivier Chateau moderator
    9 years ago

    Great article and thanks for the update

  • beta
    9 years ago

    It IS amazing how much you can learn from these huge group gatherings. I wish my neuro would go.

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