Live from Headache on the Hill 2012

Hello, this is Tim Armand, Co-Founder of Health Union, LLC the company that publishes

Today I am in Washington DC with other members of the Alliance for Headache Disorder Advocacy to meet with our representatives and Senators to request that hearings be held on migraine and headache.

Joining me are other concerned citizens such as Teri Robert, Ellen Schnakenberg and Joanna Kempner, all of whom write for and are tireless advocates for the migraine community. We are joined by other concerned citizens, physicians, migraine researchers, CEOs of companies and migraine sufferers and loved ones. We are exercising our First Amendment right to petition members of congress to speak directly with them about the impact of migraine and headache and the need for action.

We will be delivering the message that migraine and headache disorders are Prevalent, Costly and Neglected.


  • Almost 1 in 5 Americans will experience a migraine attack this year, and that 75% of them will be women of childbearing age.
  • 4% of Americans will experience headaches of 4 or more hours duration, at least 15 days per month
  • More than 35% of Iraq/Afghanistan service veterans return home with migraine or post-traumatic headache disorders


  • Headache disorders, including migraine, result in more than $31 BILLION in economic costs to the US annually, exceeding the economic costs of epilepsy, asthma and ovarian cancer combined.
  • According to the World Health Organization, migraine causes more lost years of healthy life in the US than multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, ovarian cancer and tuberculosis combined.


  • Only 290 US physicians are Board-certified as specialty trained in Headache Medicine
  • Only one innovative drug (sumatriptan) discovered and developed specially for migraine and priority reviewed by the FDA has been approved in the past 50 years.
  • NIH funding for all research on headache disorders was $21M in 2011, comprising 0.07% (yes that is seven one hundredths of a percent!) of the NIH budget

Despite all of the above, no committee in Congress has ever held a public hearing on these vital issues! This is why we are here today to ask our representatives and senators to hold public hearings before the close of the 112th Congress to explore the causes, prevalence, burden, and treatment of migraine and headache disorders and to assess the need for funding.

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