Looking For A Migraine Specialist?

We’ve had several community members ask us where they can find a doctor who specializes in treating migraine and other headache disorders.

It’s important to remember that not all neurologists are headache specialists (and not all migraine/headache specialists are neurologists). You can learn more about doctors who specialize in migraine and headache medicine here:How Are Migraine Specialists Different? and here Seeing a Board Certified Headache Specialist.

While it can be frustrating process, finding the right doctor – and getting a proper diagnosis – can make a very big difference in overall migraine management.

The Migraine Research Foundation (MRF) and the National Headache Foundation (NHF) provide directories of physicians who specialize in migraine/headache medicine.

The Migraine Research Foundation also provides a list of Children’s Headache Centers.

Don’t forget to prepare for your appointment by keeping a Migraine Journal to document your medical history, previous treatments, symptoms, and triggers!


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