Marijuana and migraine

So I have this friend. She has never been experimental when it comes to recreational drugs; in fact, her friends sometimes laugh at how utterly naïve she can be when talk turns to the crazy nights people had in college. The first time she tried smoking marijuana, she fell asleep within ten minutes and didn’t try again for years.

But my friend has a chronic pain condition and migraine disease, and she has read some research studies on the use of cannabis to help with chronic pain, nausea, and migraine. So she started experimenting with pot again.

Here’s the thing, though: my friend isn’t entirely sure if the pot is helping or not doing much at all. She says that sometimes when the migraine headache is particularly bad, having some pot will take the edge off. But there have also been times when she wonders if smoking or ingesting marijuana actually made her head congestion stuffier and her head pain a little worse.

I’ve talked to her at length about this, but since she’s not ever taken before and after notes with each pot session, it’s hard for either of us to know if it’s affecting her or not. And medical research is scant at best, at least in the grand scheme of research. It’s hard to come by funding to support independent studies on marijuana since the drug is illegal in most of the country, and what studies there are tend to conflict with one another.

Do you have any experiencing using marijuana for migraine? Like many of you, I would be willing to explore the option were it presented to me with the encouragement/blessing from my doctor. What do you think? Have you had any positive or negative experiences using marijuana or other non-prescribed drugs to treat your migraine?

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