Memorable Migraine Stories

Hundreds of stories from our community have been submitted and published this year. Here is a short list of some of the most memorable quotes.

I am not my illeness

After seven years with migraines I have finally come to the conclusion that I am not my migraine. ...I do not wish anyone to have this disease but I will wait for the day when people finally understand it is not a simple headache; it is more like a seizure or epilepsy. Read more.

Knowing I am not alone

Just knowing I am not alone in the world of daily migraines is a validation worth a million bucks to me. I know that I am not crazy, not a malingerer or hypochondriac or drug addict… Read more.

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Appreciate days without pain

Migraines have made me a stronger person, it has pushed me… to be passionate about what I want to do, to follow my dreams and live life with a new perspective… and to take everything in that’s beautiful. I have learned to make the little things count. Read more.

Can control reaction

It was at this point, when I had less medicine than migraines, that I turned a corner…I accepted that this is going to part of my life now and instead of beating it I will work with it. Read more.

Can’t explain what it feels like

It is frustrating that I cannot explain to people what it feels like...How I feel like I am losing the things I enjoy like reading or listening to music because I cannot focus. How I am feel life is passing me by. Read more.

couch as best friend

The couch is my best friend along with my cats and long suffering boyfriend... Read more.

Dark Room Being Judged

Many days I’m in bed in a dark room feeling judged. This feeling by itself brings added stress which is not good...So I spend a lot of time feeling like I’m walking on egg shells. Read more.

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Doctors and more

I can’t tell you how many doctors I went to. Some blew me off, some gave me pills that didn’t work and when I came back they would tell me there was nothing they could do.Read more.

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Family does not understand

Explaining migraine to the non migraine sufferers out there is a problem and sometimes comical...Only me and the other real sufferers of migraine know its true magnitude. Read more.

Hangover between migraines

I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong. It was like I was living with a migraine hangover daily in between more frequent migraines. As with most migraineurs, the problem wasn’t just pain, but fatigue, diziness, and light, sound, and smell sensitivity.... Read more.

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Never Give up Hope

What have I learned from these many years of suffering with migraine disease? I’ve learned never to give up and to be proactive in my own education and treatment….But most of all, I’ve learned to never give up hope, even when things look very bleak. Read more.

Next Big one

I have learned to live with migraines, but it makes life hard sometimes....I always worry about when the next BIG one will hit. I am always worried about traveling, and I worry every day at work that my vision will go and I will have to miss work yet again. It is a terrible way to live. Read more.

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Not knowing when it will happen

The most frustrating part about this disorder is not knowing when it’s going to happen. I am afraid to make big plans because I’ll have to cancel if I get a migraine attack. Then I’ll have to try and explain it’s because I have a migraine. And hope that whoever is involved will understand. Read more.

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Not our illeness

The main thing is, we are NOT our illness. We are PEOPLE with an illness. Read more.

Once Again

Nobody understood, nobody else had experienced migraine in someone so young... Read more.

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Remove my head

My migraines started after I was injured in an auto accident in 1966. Read more.

Should be more for my kids

It hurts to feel the pain inside my head, but it hurts so much more to not be able to be the mom I should be for my kids! I want to be a real mom. A good mom full of life and health and smiles! With a neat home, and a garden with vegetables and flowers filling the air with a beautiful fragrance. Read more.

Sick and tired

I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have missed out on so much... Read more.

Social life cancelled

I will probably endure them for the rest of my life, which means another 20-40 years on the merry-go-round of missed outings, cancelled plans, painful appearances, abrupt departures, and countless postponements of everything from daily responsibilities to long-awaited events. Read more.

Whispering sound like megaphone

If you’re shaking your head no and pleading with me not to buy what he was selling -Too late. I bought it. Two weeks later I thought my head was going to pop. Whispering sounded as if people were talking through megaphones. Read more.

Wicked Sneaky Migraines

I estimate that at least eight years of my life have been stolen by wicked, sneaky migraines.... Read more.

Will keep going

The person I am despite the pain is someone I admire and I think I am doing the best that any person could do despite this condition. Read more.

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