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Update on Midrin Equivalent Migraine Medications – 2013

There’s good news and other updated information for people with Migraines or tension-type headaches who have had success with Midrin and equivalent compounds. When all the trouble started, I did my best to find information and share it. Things have been quiet on this topic for a while now, with our last update being Midrin for Migraine: October, 2011, update.

Today, I want to follow up and let you know what the current situation is. There are two isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen compound medications that are equivalent to the original brand name Midrin:

  1. Midrin equivalent Migraine medication ProdrinProdrin, made by Gentex Pharma, and it is still available. My source tells me that they expect it to remain on the market. The formula will be changing soon, and it will have 325 mg of acetaminophen instead of the current 500 mg because of the new FDA guidelines on acetaminophen dosage.
  2. Isometh/Dich/Apap capsules made by Macoven Pharmaceuticals. I haven’t heard anything about the amount of acetaminophen in this compound being changed.

These Midrin equivalent medications are considered to be Migraine abortive medications. The can abort a Migraine attack in people for whom they work. As with other Migraine medications, the only way to know if they will work for us is to try them. Nothing works for everyone, but many of our readers have reported that Midrin works for them.

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  • bradcherson
    6 months ago

    Compounded at Pavilion compounding pharmacy in Atlanta
    Midrin as well as nasal lidocaine

  • sassyinnc
    6 years ago

    Hi Teri!

    I just wanted to share my experience with Midrin and Prodrin. I used to take Midrin for my migraines & usually ended up taking at least 3 caps per headache. Then I couldn’t get it anymore. My wonderful pharmacist searched & found Prodrin. At times I am able to take just 1/2 of a Prodrin at the start of a migraine & it works well. Sometimes I do have to take a whole pill, and then very infrequently do I have to take more than that. I would go through Midrin like it was candy & it didn’t seem to work nearly as well as the Prodrin does!! The ONLY drawback is that Medicare doesn’t cover Prodrin – I don’t know if it would cover Midrin – so, I pay $200 for 30 pills. OUCH! But it is SO worth it to have something that works! Plus, I end up taking less medicine with better results =:)

    I HIGHLY recommend Prodrin for anyone who is looking for migraine relief, especially if they are like me & cannot take the triptans!

    Thank you for staying on top of meds that can help with migraines – I am soooo glad I found!!


  • Jennifer
    6 years ago


    Thanks so much for the update! I was literally just reading about abortives here on, and about 15 minutes ago saw that the “last” Midrin update was in 2011. Then I checked my email about 5 minutes ago, and saw (in the Weekly e-newsletter) that there is a new 2013 update, and I almost fell out of my seat I was so excited!

    So I have read the update, and it seems to be good news, but I am still a bit confused by some things. Namely, the following:

    What will be the new formula for Prodrin? Is it still isometh/acetaminophen/caffeine (but just with a reduced amount of acetaminophen)? Does it still *not* contain Dich, or will it begin containing that?

    Also, if I want my neurologist to write a prescription for me for either Prodrin, or the other med combination you listed above…what exactly should he write on the script that I will take to the pharmacist, so that the pharmacist will fill my prescription correctly?

    Those are it for now. Thank you so much again for the update, and I look forward to reading your answers. 🙂


  • Teri-Robert author
    6 years ago


    If I say you’re welcome, will you promise not to hurt yourself by falling out of your seat?

    As far as I know, Prodrin has always been 500 mg acetaminophen/20 mg caffeine/ 130 mg isometheptene mucate. They’ll be reducing the acetaminophen to meet the new FDA guidelines, which I believe means reducing it to 325 mg. For Prodrin, your doctor should be able to just write for Prodrin. For the Macoven equivalent, I’m not sure how that needs to be written. It could be acetaminophen/caffeine/isometheptene mucate. Your pharmacist should be able to tellyou that.

    You’re most welcome. Glad to help.

  • Laura
    6 years ago

    Teri-I can’t thank you enough for your original post when generic midrin was once again available. I was having it compounded by a pharmacy and it was $100 a bottle! The minute I saw your post, I asked my Dr for a script – he said, “nope, no longer on the market!” and I said “Yes it is!!” So great job. I’ve taken midrin for about 30 yrs and love it. I really appreciate your updates.

  • Teri-Robert author
    6 years ago


    You are very welcome. So glad to be able to help. Doctors can’t possible keep up with all of this, so there are times when we can help them out with info. 🙂


    6 years ago

    I take the Isometh/Dich/Apap it’s one of the few that work but only for about an hour. My dr says I can take 1 every hour up to 5 a day 2-3 times a week. I literally watch the clock for my next dose. It definitely helps!

  • Teri-Robert author
    6 years ago

    If it only works for an hour, it’s not totally working for you. When this medication works, it actually aborts the Migraine. Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad it helps, but an hour isn’t much relief.

    Have you tried other abortive medications to see if they work better? Imitrex, Maxalt, Zomig, etc?

  • Jennifer Kapella Winter
    6 years ago

    I hope this is true. It worked for me. Suffering from hormonal migraines which in peri menopause has been hell. The six little relpax pills are not cutting it, cannot get help from headache doctor or ob/gyn. I am to the point of rationing my meds and just suffering through it as much as I can. Would love to have Midrin type medicine again.

  • Teri-Robert author
    6 years ago


    It is true. Your pharmacist can get either of these.


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