Update on Midrin Equivalent Migraine Medications – 2013

There’s good news and other updated information for people with Migraines or tension-type headaches who have had success with Midrin and equivalent compounds. When all the trouble started, I did my best to find information and share it. Things have been quiet on this topic for a while now, with our last update being Midrin for Migraine: October, 2011, update.

Today, I want to follow up and let you know what the current situation is. There are two isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen compound medications that are equivalent to the original brand name Midrin:

  1. Midrin equivalent Migraine medication ProdrinProdrin, made by Gentex Pharma, and it is still available. My source tells me that they expect it to remain on the market. The formula will be changing soon, and it will have 325 mg of acetaminophen instead of the current 500 mg because of the new FDA guidelines on acetaminophen dosage.
  2. Isometh/Dich/Apap capsules made by Macoven Pharmaceuticals. I haven’t heard anything about the amount of acetaminophen in this compound being changed.

These Midrin equivalent medications are considered to be Migraine abortive medications. The can abort a Migraine attack in people for whom they work. As with other Migraine medications, the only way to know if they will work for us is to try them. Nothing works for everyone, but many of our readers have reported that Midrin works for them.

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