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Migraine Awareness Month #21: Shaking in My Boots

Today’s Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge prompt is:

What’s your biggest Migraine related fear? How do you cope with it?

My biggest Migraine related fear is that my Migraines will cause my glaucoma to progress. I have advanced low-tension glaucoma, which has already caused me to lose a large percentage of my vision. When eye drops for glaucoma didn’t stop the progression of the disease, we tried laser surgery, which failed. That left only microsurgery, which was the last option to stop the disease progression and save what’s left of my vision. Thankfully, it worked.

Migraine Awareness Month Blog ChallengeThe fear enters in for three reasons. First, intraocular pressure is increased during a Migraine, and that could cause the glaucoma to progress. Second, my ophthalmologist is concerned that any vascular changes that occur during my Migraines could cause the glaucoma to progress. We now know that the vascular changes don’t cause Migraines, aren’t the first event in the chain of events of a Migraine, and don’t always happen; but the fact remains that most of us do experience some vascular changes during a Migraine. And, third, unless researchers come up with some new treatment, if the glaucoma starts progressing again, I’m sunk. There are no more treatments for me. The microsurgery was the last resort. If it starts progressing again, there’s no way to stop it. It will continue until I’m blind.

This is my most difficult health related fear to cope with, but I have to cope with it. So, I….

  • keep learning all I can about my Migraines and my treatments.
  • make sure I keep all my appointments with my ophthalmologist and keep him informed about the status of my Migraines and other health issues.
  • make sure I keep all my appointments with my Migraine specialist and continue working with him on two counts:
    • reducing the frequency of my Migraines, and
    • making sure my abortives are as effective as possible so the Migraines I do get can be stopped as quickly as possible.
  • when my fear starts getting the best of me, talk to my husband or a couple of good friends who know the situation.
  • pray – a lot!

So, there you have it – my biggest Migraine related fear, my biggest health related fear. It’s something I don’t like to even think about, let alone talk about. Still, while I am, I’d like to suggest to all Migraineurs that you have your eyes very carefully checked on a regular basis and be sure that the visual fields test is part of your check-up. This form of glaucoma doesn’t show on glaucoma tests. They measure pressure, and my pressure was always well within the normal range. This glaucoma was diagnosed in the early stages for me because my optometrist was very cautious, and when he saw a tiny blind spot in my peripheral vision on the visual fields test, he sent me to an ophthalmologist. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t have been discovered until I notice symptoms, and by that time, it might have been too late to save any of my vision.

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  • Wolverine68
    4 years ago

    What glaucoma drugs are/were you using? Prostaglandin? Beta-blocker?

  • Wolverine68
    4 years ago

    What glaucoma drugs are/were you using? Some of them (e.g., timoptic) are known to prevent migraines in some cases.

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