Migraine Awareness Month #23: I Drank the Kool-Aid — Energy Therapy

Here at Migraine.com we’re participating in the National Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge during the month of June. All of the patient advocates are taking turns to cover the prompts, and today is my turn.

Today’s prompt is:IDranktheKool-Aid!” We all try things out of desperation, even when our common sense is telling us they’re not going to do anything. Share your experience with this.

I really do think anyone who experiences migraines with any kind of frequency has tried at least one weird, if not ill advised, treatment for migraine disease. I know I’ve tried my share.

I once ordered a capsaicin nose spray online. I counted myself lucky that despite the company taking my money, the product never arrived once I had a chance to really think about it.

I went to a chiropractor for a few months. I know many people swear by them, but for my kind of problems it was pie in the sky, wishful thinking to expect results.

But without a doubt, the weirdest thing I’ve tried was energy therapy. No offense to anyone who likes it and finds it useful, but it just wasn’t for me.

In 2006 the acupuncturist I’d been seeing hadn’t been able to make any headway and felt she was out of options for treating me. She referred me to an energy therapist / medical intuitionist who she thought might be able to help me. I was skeptical, but I respected the acupuncturist and the things she had been able to help me with, so I thought there was no harm in trying it once. It was weird. Harmless, but weird.

The practitioner was a kind, warm hearted woman with an out there personality. She brought me into her office, where there was a ton of interesting (read: weird) things to look at. She interviewed me about my health history and asked a bunch of questions. Part of what she claims to do is something called medical intuition. From what I could tell, this basically involved her taking in all the information about my medical situation and telling me how she thought my personality and/or situation may have been contributing.

When I reflect on that part of the experience I’m shocked that I wasn’t offended by the notion that this woman could read my energy, combine that with information about my health and tell me anything about myself that would actually help heal me from living with chronic migraines. Exactly how would that work? Isn’t that pretty much akin to the assertion there is a migraine personality or like saying I’m doing something that’s causing my frequent migraine attacks? That’s how I take it because if changing something about my personality would heal me from the attacks, the converse must be true.

But wait, that’s not the entire appointment. Oh no, there’s more. After she practiced her medical intuition on me, she went on to the actual energy therapy part of the appointment.

She had me lie down on a massage-style table and get comfortable. She then proceeded to engage in some really weird, loud breathing and work on breaking up the energy trapped in my body. Or so she said. It’s not like I could see anything happening.

Ultimately I ended up with a good story out of the whole thing, but that’s about it. But I should say that I definitely didn’t feel ripped off. I was skeptical going in to the appointment and knew I’d likely be paying for something that wouldn’t actually do anything. Not only that, but the woman truly believes in what she’s doing. She was definitely not trying to get over and earn money by tricking people. Just because I don’t believe it in doesn’t change the fact that she has good intentions and truly wants to help people.

What migraine treatments have you tried out of desperation? Has anyone else tried energy therapy? What were your experiences? Please share in the comments!

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