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Migraine Awareness Month #24: Dear Genie

Today’s Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge prompt is:

Put together a wish list for your life.

Whoa! Now this could be really fun. The temptation is to wish for everything I’ve ever wanted, but I guess it’s best to curb that temptation.

Migraine Awareness Month Blog ChallengeSince it’s Migraine Awareness Month, I’m going to make a Migraine related wish list for my life. I wish…

  • research had progressed farther, earlier so we’d had abortives when I was younger.
  • the NIH appropriated research funding based on disease burden – the impact of disease – instead of politics and who makes the most noise so scientists would better understand Migraine, and I’d have better treatment options.
  • we had abortive medications that weren’t considered risky for people with heart issues.
  • our grandchildren didn’t have Migraines.
  • our insurance company would quite trying to practice medicine and stay out of decisions that should be made by my doctor and me.
  • Congress would hold a hearing on Migraine and other headache disorders.
  • I had unlimited money to fund research and help people who need medical care.
  • every Migraineur would get proactive about their health and their health care.
  • every Migraineur would get proactive about advocating for themselves and other Migraineurs.

While it may not seem like some of those wishes are for my life, they are. I care about other Migraineurs and hate to see them suffering and not getting the care they need and deserve. We’re all in this together, and we all need better treatments.

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