Migraine Awareness Month #3: Just shoot me now! My worst migraine trigger

Today is the third day of Migraine Awareness Month and the prompt is "What's your worst Migraine trigger?" This is a "no brainer" for me - skipping meals will trigger a Migraine attack.

Skipping meals is a problem for me on two fronts as a Migraineur and overweight individual. I never knew skipping meals was a Migraine trigger for me until about six years ago when I actually took the time to keep a >detailed Migraine diary. In this diary I recorded what I ate and if I had a Migraine, when I had a Migraine attack, what time I had a Migraine attack, what medications I took and interruptions in my sleeping pattern. After doing this for several months, it was clear that skipping meals, dehydration and sleep issues were my main Migraine triggers. This was good news, because I could control my eating and sleep schedule and stay hydrated.

Being determined to avoid my new found Migraine triggers, I began a regime of drinking water more frequently during the day, eating smaller meals throughout the day and maintain a regular sleep schedule. I began by keeping a large cup with a straw attached filled to the brim with water and drank it all day long. As soon as it gets near the bottom I refill it and drink away.

The next thing I do to try and reduce my Migraine frequency is to eat six smaller meals during the day. It seemed that I would get too hungry in between meals which would then trigger a Migraine attack. Eating six smaller meals instead of three big ones seems to keep my belly half full (like a gas tank!) and reduce some Migraines but take a bit of forethought. I try to eat healthy smaller meals because I've lost about thirty pounds over the last few years and I am NOT going back to what I used to weigh.

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is the other thing I try to do to reduce my Migraine frequency, but I have to tell you, this one is not easy for me. It's not that I don't want to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day; it just seems that my head gets in the way. If something is bothering me it will keep me awake for a few hours, thus interrupting my sleep schedule. Or if I am experiencing fatigue from any one of the other chronic conditions I have and I need to rest/nap during the day this will also wreak havoc with falling asleep on time. Thankfully, my sleep schedule is a Migraine trigger that doesn't seem to strike unless my routine is disrupted for days on end. Not like skipping a meal when I get a Migraine right away.

There you have it, my Migraine triggers, skipping a meal being the worst and how I try to avoid getting myself in that situation. What are your Migraine triggers?

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