Migraine Awareness Month #9: Day Dream Believer

Today's Blog Prompt for Migraine Awareness Month is "Day Dream Believer -Describe your dream day - without a Migraine to hold you back."

I think it's pretty clear that any day without a Migraine would be a dream day. Being able to accomplish just a few of the things on my growing "to do" list would be a welcome dream come true. I'm not thinking on a grand scale here, rather to have a pain free day to do whatever it is I'd like to do -gardening, going out with friends, quilting, or tackling a few items on my list.

My wonderful pain free, dream day would start out with a fabulous raspberry chocolate latte from Paula's Donuts, a local donut shop that has donuts and coffee to die for. This would be dreamy in itself you see, because I've eliminated caffeine from my diet due to medication overuse headache. After enjoying my coffee, without the threat of pain, I'd go out into my garden and do some much needed work. The garden was a source of pride around here, but after my divorce, it has become overrun with weeds. After I got my fill in the garden, without the effects of the sun having blasted my immune system and making me sick, I'd go into my "sewing room" and quilt for hours.

Quilting was always so much fun for me. I love color and fabric, and seeing what wonderful things I could create. There was a time before I fell, when I was able to quilt for hours. Now I'm lucky if I can quilt for 20 minutes without ending up in more pain. The number of unfinished projects I have is huge to say the least. If pain and time weren't an issue, I could finish a ton of UFO's (unfinished objects) like a fabric bowl I started for my mom two years ago; a fabulous mini-quilt that my friend Christine gave me the fabric for; hand quilting my ex-mother-in-laws quilt who died last year; my son's graduation quilt; my dear friend Sue's quilt with the fabric we hand dyed together and a truly terrific rainbow bargello quilt.

Now after I've quilted for a few hours, I might head outside once again to repair my garage door. This really is a simple task - it needs to be scraped and painted. My priorities around the house include basic maintenance - not bigger jobs like scrapping and painting because accomplishing these takes it out of me - and increases my pain. But since this is my dream day, I would be able to scrape, paint and clean up; then have enough stamina left over to cook a wonderful dinner.

Because it's my dream day, the dinner would be the kind I used to cook before I fell, kind of gourmet-ish. I wouldn't get overwhelmed, I'd be able to stay on track and not get confused and it would be perfect. My family would enjoy it so much because I'd not be in pain and miserable. After dinner conversation, cleaning up would be a breeze, thank you dream day. Then we'd go to the movies - a big adventure in 3-D with lots and lots of action and noise. But because this is my dream day, this wouldn't bother me in the least - no head pain and no dizziness from the 3-D effects, just fun with my kids.

Maybe this day seems a bit boring to some of you and that's ok. To be able to do any of these things in one day without increased pain would be a dream come true. What about you? What are some of your dream days like?

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