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If you're a Migraine.com reader who lives with infrequent migraine attacks you may be wondering if this is a place for you or how you fit in. Without a shadow of a doubt, Migraine.com is for anyone and everyone who lives with migraine disease on any level. Men and women, young people and older people, infrequent migraineurs and chronic migraineurs. Whether you're at the beginning of your migraine journey or a seasoned pro, our passion is for helping every single migraineur live his or her best life despite this disease.

For some infrequent migraineurs I've noticed there seems to be a certain amount of guilt associated with not being as bad off as other migraineurs. While I totally understand and can even relate to this, please know it's wasted energy. One migraine is a migraine too many. Even though I personally have more migraine attacks than the average migraineur, my dream is that no one should have to suffer with the pain, nausea, sensitivity and other debilitating symptoms associated with this misunderstood disease.

To be sure, living with migraine disease isn't a contest. There are no winners or losers in this. Even though this is a highly individualized disease that takes on a different form for each one of us, we are truly in this together. We deal with similar obstacles and can use the same tools to cope regardless of how often our lives are interrupted by the migraine beast.

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