Migraine.com Launches The Migraine In America 2012 Study

Today we started collecting data for the Migraine In America 2012 study, which will help us gain a better understanding of how migraine is treated and managed in America today. If you suffer from migraines and you haven’t taken the survey already, please click here.

The survey will gather information on triggers, therapies and management strategies for migraine, and it will also allow you to share your experiences with specific treatments. You can also voice your opinion about attributes for future treatment options. We will publish findings from the study on Migraine.com throughout 2012.

Examples of questions that the study will answer include:

  • How many migraneurs are seen by a headache specialist?
  • What are our most common triggers?
  • What percent of migraneurs keep a journal?
  • Are there treatment differences among groups?
  • How satisfied are we with specific treatments?

Once the study is complete we expect to find some other interesting things that we haven’t even thought of yet, and we will be sure to share those on Migraine.com too.

The survey should take about fifteen minutes to complete and all responses are completely anonymous. We are planning to conduct this study on an annual basis so we can see how things change (hopefully for the better!) over time.

Please note that survey participants must suffer from migraines, be 18 years of age or older, and live in the US or be US citizens living abroad.

So let you voice be heard! Take the Migraine In America survey today!

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