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Migraine Comfort Foods – “Feed me, Seymour!”

Migrane Awareness Month

Today’s prompt for the Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is: Little Shop of Horrors: “Feed Me, Seymour”: What comfort foods do your reach for when you have a Migraine or Headache attack?

For me, which comfort goods I reach for depends on which phase of the Migraine attack I’m in and how nauseous I am. . .

If I’m very nauseous, peppermint tea comforts me and helps relieve the nausea. It needs to be real peppermint tea, not just regular tea flavored with peppermint. Peppermint tea is good hot or iced.

In the middle of a Migraine, if I’m not very nauseous, I love sherbet – either lime or raspberry.

By the time I hit the postdrome phase, I’m usually hungry and want some good, solid food. The comfort foods I tend to reach for then are macaroni and cheese, a hot ham and cheese sub, pizza, and chocolate (no, chocolate isn’t a food trigger for me). Other than these, most foods just don’t appeal to me until the day after a Migraine stops.

Oh! One other thing. From the beginning of a Migraine attack to the end, I want Diet Dr. Pepper, and I hate drinking plain water. At other times, I drink plenty of water and love iced tea, but during a Migraine, unless I want peppermint tea, it’s the Diet Dr. Pepper that I reach for.

This prompt makes me curious. What comfort foods do YOU reach for? Please post a comment and tell us!

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  • heather
    6 years ago

    diet anything makes my migraines come on fast. funny though, is the fact that my head looovess regular coke…nothing else will work…not cheap coke products, not diet and no other caffeinated sodas…just coke…and it has to be ice cold. i have tried icees, iced tea, coffee, choc milk…it all comes back up during a bad one. and afterward, its just fresh food…salad, apples, celery, anything fresh and crunchy. funny that….

  • Michael Ferry
    6 years ago

    Funny how two of your foods are triggers for me. Chocolate, obviously, and the diet Dr. Pepper — diet sodas contain aspartame, which is one of my triggers (and all-around bad chemical, but that’s a different rant altogether).

    My comfort foods are anything starchy and/or salty. Crunchy helps, oddly enough. Hard pretzels are one of my favorites, but potato chips or Cheez-Its will do. As for dinner, anything filling will work: Pizza, Mac & Cheese, pasta… anything really. I’ll just keep eating whatever you put in front of me!

  • Cindi
    6 years ago

    I have to try that peppermint tea, as I enjoy tea hot or cold. Carbs… baked potato or steamed rice with some butter and salt. I, too, want chocolate, so I keep Hershey’s in stock and mix it with my soy milk. I’ve always been thankful that if I have to suffer migraines, I have no food triggers.

  • Amanda Persch
    6 years ago

    Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, slushes, anything very very cold and lots of things to drink, sometimes only gatorade will help. Is it weird that I don’t get brain freezes?

  • pami
    6 years ago

    What is it with Dr Pepper?! I go for Dr Pepper too! After that Honey Nut Cheerios. They don’t mke me nauseous and keep the “hunger migraine” from creeping up. ♥ Patty

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