Migraine Friendly Recipes: Tips For Homemade Soups

Hello friends. I’m excited to be posting here on Migraine.com again. It can be challenging to create many of the recipes you enjoy without cream of chicken soup, and many soups available at the grocery are generally not migraine-friendly.

The best gift I can give you is a great recipe for cream of chicken soup, which can be altered slightly to make a creamy sauce for noodles, or condensed to make a tasty casserole.

Soups available at the grocery store can contain MSG or MSG aliases, so please read labels carefully, and visit truthinlabeling.org for a list of MSG ingredients to avoid. Also, even if a soup doesn’t contain MSG, it may and probably will contain onion, which can be another very powerful migraine trigger due to tyramine.

It’s best to make your soup from scratch at home. Homemade chicken stock is preferable as a base, but store-bought stock may be used, as long as it is MSG-free. Be sure to use STOCK, not broth. Please remember, though, this stock may and probably will contain onion. Also, if you roast the chicken yourself, you have a lot more stock to use for other recipes, as well as chicken to use in those recipes, so it’s more cost-efficient to make the stock yourself too, not to mention it tastes so yummy!

The stock you prepare at home can be frozen for later use. Recipes for making stock can be found on Migraine.com, on my website , as well as in my cookbook and many other cookbooks.


Heidi Gunderson is the author of Migraine-Free Cooking!, a trigger-free cookbook for migraine sufferers, endorsed by Dr. David Buchholz of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She has made it her mission to help others lead a life free of pain through healthy lifestyle choices. Heidi has a degree in education, and has recently taken science courses at a nearby college with plans to earn a degree in Food Science in the future. This is a change from her original course of action to be a dietitian, because she believes a degree in food science will allow her to market migraine-friendly food to the general public. Heidi has been mentioned in numerous migraine blogs and online sites. She is also mentioned on the Migraine Research Foundation website and has had her recipes featured in the April 2011 issue of Today’s Diet & Nutrition Magazine.

You can find more of Heidi’s recipes along with information for purchasing her book and Dr. Buchholz’s book on her websites http://migrainefreecooking.com & http://migrainefreecooking.blogspot.com

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