Migraine, Head Bumps & Overreaction

As a nearly lifelong Migraineur, I've always been sensitive about getting bumped in the head. Definitely more concerned about it than your average Jane. But in the years since my Migraine Disease transformed from episodic to chronic, my worries about and reactions to head bumps (not to be confused with fist bumps) have become much more intense.

I think it's probably pretty normal to bump your head from time to time. But dealing with frequent Migraine attacks makes me overly worried about how such routine incidents will affect my Migraine attack frequency and severity.

Migraine-associated symptoms like dizziness, vertigo and vision issues complicate matters by making it all too common for me to misjudge a situation and bonk my head or wipe out walking down the stairs in our house.

It's actually to the point that my husband knows and accepts he's not allowed to touch my head, face or neck at all without asking first. My gentle teddy bear of a husband, of all people.

But perhaps the most embarrassing part of this whole confession about head bump paranoia is how angry I feel when I have a mishap. Bumping my head getting in the car can quickly send me into a tailspin of negative, unproductive thoughts. Things like, "This is so unfair!" and "Why can't I do normal things like a normal person?!" and "Can't I please just get a break?!" I'm well aware of my tendency to catastrophize, and this issue certainly triggers that response in me.

So please tell me: Am I alone in any or all of this?

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