Migraine Management: The 7 Essentials

Where Migraines are concerned, my personal goal is to control them rather than them controlling me. What I’ve learned along the way is that I must pay attention to Migraine management to accomplish that goal.

We now know that Migraine is a genetic neurological disease. Nobody wants to have a disease. However, once we acknowledge that Migraine is a disease and that we have this disease, it’s easier to address overall disease management.

In addressing Migraine disease management, I have found seven essential elements for effective Migraine management:

  1. Getting a diagnosis – not only for having Migraine, but also which type or types of Migraine – and finding the right doctor to work with.
  2. Educating ourselves about Migraine disease.
  3. Trigger identification and management.
  4. Preventive treatment for those of us with three or more Migraines a month or if Migraines are less frequent but particularly severe or debilitating.
  5. Abortive treatment.
  6. Rescue treatment to be used when abortive treatment fails.
  7. A solid support system.

By addressing these seven essentials, I’ve been able to reduce my Migraines from five or six a week to only 11 Migraines in 2010. There’s no cure for Migraine disease yet, but to me, this is the next best thing. I have my life back and am able to be productive.

Stay tuned! In my next blog entries, I’ll be discussing each of the seven essentials in more detail. I hope you’ll find these posts interesting and helpful to you as we start a new year with Migraines.

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