Migraine Questions of the Newly Diagnosed

You’re sitting in the doctor’s office, in terrible pain. Your head is hurting, you’re so nauseous you keep eyeing the trash can *just in case*. The doctor asks you a few questions, looks in your eyes and checks your reflexes and says “You’re having a Migraine.”

I remember being told that’s what was happening to me. My head was already swimmy, my jumbled thought processes in slow motion.

I should have had a thousand questions, but I didn’t. I just wanted to feel better. When I got home I sure did though. I felt very alone because I didn’t know anyone else with Migraine and I was hungry for information. I thought maybe I was the only one asking these questions.

What are some of the questions you had when you received your diagnosis? Here are a few of mine…

  • What is causing my Migraine?
  • Is my Migraine attack damaging my brain?
  • How did I get this way?
  • Can I stop it?
  • Can I prevent it?
  • Will I always have Migraine attacks?
  • Why does the pain in my head make me vomit?
  • Why does Migraine affect my whole body?
  • Why do I have aura with Migraine?
  • How do I keep parenting during a Migraine attack?
  • How can I plan a vacation as a Migraineur?
  • Should I tell my boss I have Migraines?
  • What kind of medicines are available to help me?
  • Are there any complications with Migraine?
  • Will my children inherit Migraines?
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