Migraine Research Foundation Announces Winners of 2010 Research Grants

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The folks at the Migraine Research Foundation announced today the winners of their 2010 research grants. Read the MRF press release below and congratulations to all the winners!

The Migraine Research Foundation (MRF), a nonprofit devoted to funding ground-breaking research into the causes and better treatments of migraine disease, today announced the winners of its 2010 research grants. The seven grants were selected through a competitive process from an unprecedented 40 proposals received from 9 countries.

MRF This year’s grantees will explore innovative inquiries in the areas of pediatric migraine, chronic migraine, migraine in women, and basic science. “We are thrilled with the caliber of the investigations in these proposals. They represent novel clinical and bench science approaches to unraveling the mysteries of migraine,” said Cathy Glaser, co-founder and President of MRF. “In just four years, we’ve awarded 23 grants to some of the most promising investigators — and we know they’re going to make a difference.”

Migraine affects more than 36 million Americans — nearly 1 in 4 families — including 10% of school-age children. 14 million people experience attacks on a near daily basis. U.S. employers lose more than $13 million a year from lost work days. Despite its position as one of the world’s most disabling diseases and its serious social and economic consequences, migraine remains misunderstood and underfunded. MRF is one of the only sources of seed money for research into its causes and treatments.

The seven MRF grant recipients and their research are:

  • Trent Anderson, Ph.D., University of Arizona College Of Medicine-Phoenix

Neurosteroid Regulation of Cortical Spreading Depression

  • Brandon Aylward, Ph.D., and Scott Powers, Ph.D., Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

The Multidimensional Impact of Migraine in Adolescents Presenting to Specialty Care

  • Alexandre DaSilva, DDS, DMedSc, University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Endogenous Opioid Mechanisms in Chronic Migraine

  • Richard Kraig, Ph.D., MD, The University of Chicago Medical Center

Preclinical Development of Nasal Insulin as a Therapy for Chronic Migraine

  • Todd Smitherman, Ph.D., University of Mississippi

Efficacy of Behavioral Insomnia Treatment for Chronic Migraine: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

  • Patric Stanton, Ph.D., New York Medical College

N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Glycine Coagonist Site Modulation as a Potential Treatment for Migraine

  • Colin Willis, Ph.D., University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Mechanisms of Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction Induced Medication Overuse Headache

“This year’s recipients continue to demonstrate the highly innovative thinking which MRF encourages. The medical community is grateful to the foundation and the investigators it supports,” said Dr. Joel Saper, founder of the Michigan Head Pain & Neurological Institute, Ann Arbor, MI, and Chair of MRF’s medical advisory board.

The MRF medical advisory board of distinguished scientists, chaired by Dr. Saper, also includes Dr. Rami Burstein (Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA), Dr. F. Michael Cutrer (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN), Dr. David W. Dodick (Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ), Dr. Peter J. Goadsby (University of California at San Francisco, CA), Dr. Richard Lipton (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY), Dr. Fred Sheftell (New England Center for Headache, Stamford, CT), and Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein (Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA).

About the Migraine Research Foundation

The Migraine Research Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to ending the debilitating pain of migraine by funding research into its causes and better treatment options and ultimately, to finding a cure. More information about MRF and how to contribute can be found at www.migraineresearchfoundation.org

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