Migraine Setbacks and Disappointments – I Will Survive

Fourteen years ago, my Migraines were definitely chronic Migraine. I was in bed with them all day five or six days a week. Then, I finally got to a real Migraine specialist, and we were able to make slow, but consistent progress. It took four and a half years, but eventually, we did more than make progress. We were able, as far as I was concerned, to come close to a miraculous treatment regimen. With that regimen, I often got four to six weeks between Migraines!

It was unbelievable, and it was definitely too long to last forever. Almost three years ago, other health issues caused me to have to discontinue one of my preventive medications and cut the dosage of another one by 50%.

My Migraine specialist suggested another medication. I tried it. Not only did it not work, but it caused significant cognitive side effects. There were days when the aphasia (Inability to use and comprehend words) was as bad as it often is for me during a Migraine.

In November, I had 25 days of Migraines and headaches, and my specialist suggested trying Botox injections. My third round of Botox was earlier this month. It’s working well, but I’m still not back to where I once was. I’m still having an average of eight Migraines a month, and that’s still too many. With my having advanced glaucoma, my ophthalmologist encourages me to prevent as many Migraines as possible because there’s a chance of Migraines making the glaucoma progress more. There’s also the issue of taking medications for other conditions that cause me pain. With two Migraines most weeks, that only leaves me one other day that I can take anything for the other pain without risking medication overuse headache.

So, we’re still working on better Migraine prevention. I will survive this, and I simply can’t allow myself to get too disappointed and frustrated. Negative expenditures of energy are never productive. While we’re working to improve the effectiveness of my treatment, I’m working hard to control triggers and to pay attention to my overall health since being less healthy make us more susceptible to our triggers. I’m working to:

  • stay well hydrated;
  • watch my sleeping patters – going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, not sleeping too late in the mornings, and trying to be relaxed when I go to sleep so I’ll sleep well;
  • eat healthfully; and
  • get more exercise.

Intellectually, I know that no treatment regimen is effective forever, but my emotions cry out, “Why not?” With the help of my Migraine specialist and more patience than I usually have, I will survive this too!

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