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Migraine Superheroes

(A tongue-in-cheek story describes Migraine Disease)

One day, an ordinary girl wakes up to find that something about her has changed. In the night, a creature drops onto her pillow, where it crawls with stealth to her face. Slowly it creeps to her ear where it painlessly finds its way in. She now shares her brain with something angry and sinister, whose ambition is to control her life from within.

The villain…

Sometimes mercifully, the creature sleeps. But the creature has weaknesses. Light, sound, odors, certain foods the girl puts into her body, all can wake the creature, tormenting it with deadly precision. Her life has changed forever. She is now… Bat Cave Girl.

The battle…

Inside her head, she feels the creature’s anger and pain as it writhes and screams, gripping and clawing at her brain, her face, her eye, her sinuses. She tries to appease the beast. She tries bribery with chocolate and other sweet and salty foods. When that fails, she finds that the only way to make the beast fall back into its hibernation is to lay quietly in the dark, cold stillness of a windowless room — her Bat Cave.

Our heroine…

Superpowers revealed…

Bat Cave Girl has realized something else. When the beast inside her is wakened, she has super powers. Her vision is heightened and she can see the tiniest amount of light, no matter its direction. She can mystify friends by telling them the exact type of light in the room. Her hearing is heightened — the sound of a pin dropping on the floor can easily be heard… and felt by her entire body. Her sense of smell is heightened and the smallest odors seem overwhelming. She tries to use her newfound powers for good, but she cannot control them.

The Migraine beast inside her brain tries to cover up these newfound superpowers. He muddles the vision with hallucinations in her field of vision. He adds ringing in her ears to make sounds more difficult to discern. He gives her things to smell that are not there, hoping that it will confuse her.

The metamorphosis…

Ordinary girl has no control over the change into Bat Cave Girl. When she comes into contact with her kryptonite — certain types of light, sound, smells, foods, chemicals — it wakens the beast. She can feel it beginning to move about in her head.

The elixir…

There are mysterious and magic potions that sometimes will quiet the beast, but only if she is able to take them before the beast is fully aroused. Once awake, the beast is powerful, and her battle to overtake him is fierce.

The secret…

Bat Cave Girl doesn’t tell the world about her superpowers, or the creature that lies in her brain, tormenting her. She goes through her days, secretly dancing around the kryptonite she sees, praying no one has hidden any that will hurt her. She knows that no one would believe her incredible story of brain dwelling creatures bent on world domination, nor the strange superpowers they could not hope to understand.

The search for a cure…

Scientists from around the globe put their heads together to find a way to prevent the beast from awakening again. Bat Cave Girl sees many doctors who try to help her. They tell her that she is not alone. There are others like her.

Bat Cave Girl looks for others like her, secretly fighting their battles with the angry beasts inside their heads. She reads stories of others with super powers like hers, and she learns from their battles with the enemy within them.

The Force is with us…

She forges an alliance with them. They call themselves The Migraine Force. Their job? To spread the word about the evil beasts who threaten to take over the world. To join forces to fight them with education, and tools, and the support and strength of millions throughout the world. To help scientists find a way to keep them asleep, or better yet — kill them. They vow to battle the beasts to the very end, when they will finally rule victorious. Peace is once again restored, and the world forgets the scourge of…

The Migraine Beasts.

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  • kathy-phelan-delaurodelauro
    7 years ago

    Funny!!! Unfortunately true, but still funny! The noise…sounds…lights…smells…uggg..
    Funny too that my kids who are now 22 and 20 both get migraines and noise and lights are bothersome…..they so “Get It” now! Not so amusing as when mom was getting sick!

  • melindas
    7 years ago

    reading this makes me feel like you are the greatest superhero ever..because who couldn’t understand that explanation. all we want is for the people around us to understand and stop treating us like we are making this stuff up. my boyfriend is a big comic book fan…this completely made him grasp my ordeal alot better. thanks

  • Rebecca Callahan Ridgick
    8 years ago

    great job!

  • Gabrielle Hardeway
    8 years ago

    Love it! My 8 year old and I share the need for the “Batcave” and it is spot on. Cold, dark and silent!

  • Aimee Lianne Bourner
    8 years ago

    This is a great way to explain migraines to a younger audience. I loved it. Bring on The Migraine Force!

  • Sam Urkov
    8 years ago

    Excellent job. I hope to become a migraine researcher so that we can better understand and treat these monsters in our heads.

  • Karen Drosehn
    8 years ago

    so true so very very true.

  • Jamie Sohn
    8 years ago

    Ellen, that rocked!

  • Abigail Bristow
    8 years ago

    ok I totally love this my husband thinks I am crazy and has referred to the bedroom as the batcave! and it freaks him out that I can hear and decern the music in the parking lot across from my apt building even though the windows are closed and the tv is on low.. and my eyes just can’t bear the light it’s awful.. I like the way you put this I am still looking for my secret elixir!

  • Jim
    8 years ago

    Read your article. I agree with: certain odors can cause that feeling to come. For that I trust in my Fiorinal.
    Looking forward to seeing more info. from you.

  • Ellen Schnakenberg author
    8 years ago

    Thanks so much you guys!

  • Betsy Blondin
    8 years ago

    I love this piece, Ellen!

  • mrsjane59
    8 years ago

    I enjoyed your piece, it’s both informative and entertaining. Always a good thing to find creative ways to deal with the frustration/pain of living with this disease. Kudos! -Jane

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