Migraine Treatment Experiences: IV Therapy for Intractable Migraine

Until I finally had the opportunity to receive treatment from a Headache Disorders specialist for Migraine, I had no idea about the role of IV therapy in Migraine treatment and prevention. But from my first visit to the out-of-state specialist, it was clear IV therapy was making a world of difference when I dealt with a Migraine that nothing else would touch.

There is no true Headache Disorders specialist in my area to provide much continuity of care between the out-of-town specialist and a local physician. But I was pleased to find that a local neurologist was open to my suggestion of IV therapy for the thankfully rare occasions when I am unable to get relief from a Migraine attack utilizing the medications and techniques available to me at home.

It's amazing the piece of mind that immediately set in once I had this arrangement in place. During business hours, the local neurologist and his staff can get me set up with a space in the infusion center at the local hospital. They have a great set up with recliners in private rooms, allowing the staff to close the door and shut off the lights while I receive my infusion. Outside business hours, heading to the ER is anxiety free because they can provide me with the same treatment protocol. It's not as quiet or peaceful, but I can't complain knowing how much worse other patients have it when they need after hours care.

I've learned through trial and error that some medications and combinations of medications are more effective for me than others. Finding the right options varies widely from person to person. An anesthetic medication called Ketamine, which I have been treated with at my former out-of-town specialist's clinic, seems to work the very best for me. But it's not widely used in humans and most doctors and clinics aren't comfortable with it. It's becoming more available all the time, but change is always slow. Fortunately, other options usually give me the relief I need to get that level 10 pain and unrelenting vomiting to a manageable enough level to go home and rest.

IV therapy isn't the be all, end all, of course. While it works awesome for me and many other patients, it doesn't work for everyone. But if you need an additional option to turn to when you've run through your bag of tricks, I recommend discussing this option with your specialist.

Have you used IV therapy for prevention or treatment? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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