Migraine Treatment Series

Finding the right migraine treatment can be a frustrating process.

Unfortunately there is no "one size fits all" approach to migraine management, and it can take years of trial and error before finding a regimen that works for you. We hope the information provided on Migraine.com can help you identify triggers, find the right doctor, and ultimately find the right treatment regimen.

We've also asked our team of patient advocates to share some of their personal treatment experiences with a variety of migraine management strategies including prescription medications, natural/herbal remedies, and devices. While treatment experiences (including both efficacy and side effects) will vary greatly from person to person, sharing these experiences can be a valuable resource to the community, and we hope you will join the discussion. Blog posts will be published over the next several months, if there is a particular treatment you are especially curious about... be sure to let us know!

Looking for detailed information on some of the most common migraine medications including clinical trials, dosage, and side effects? Take a look at our sections on migraine treatments: prescription medications, over the counter medications, natural/herbal remedies, complementary/alternative therapies. Also, don't forget to check out ongoing discussions in the Migraine.com Forums.

Do not start, stop or change any treatment program without the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

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