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“Migraines make me feel guilty because I should _______”

Are your migraines keeping you from your “shoulds” – the things you should be doing, but can’t? Remember, it’s important to avoid self-criticism when you’re balancing life with migraine attacks. What’s your most common migraine should?

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I should...


  • gowens93
    5 years ago

    Do more with my family, go to work more, be a better wife, clean my house and cook dinner. I have fibromyalgia also and with the two combined Ifeel like I can’t do anything, especially if I have worked all day. I have a full time Monday-Friday job that I am struggling with but feel guilty even thinking about applying for disability because being in the Healthcare system I know there are people out there that may need it more than me and others out there that think I just don’t want to work. I’m even beginning to wonder if my husband doesn’t think the same thing. It causes stress in the family and major depression which mashes it all worse. Very frustrating.

  • Hope
    6 years ago

    Study more for my Masters, cook meals like I use to more, do crafts and homey things more, excercise like I want, I could go on and on, the weakness from the migraine days after the migraine takes a temporary break before rearing it’s ugly head again and the days of my life lost make me so sad. Also, be more attentive to my husband who sacrifices with me. I stopped communicating with so many people because just surviving my Monday to Friday job, and getting basics done at home make being social just so much effort. I have lost part of me.

  • Elsa Clements
    6 years ago

    Because I should be able to play with my boys! It’s horrible when I’m in so much pain that I have to put on a movie and have them watch themselves while mommy lies down. And now my 6 year old is getting headaches and I’m scared that he has inherited my migraines even though I never got them until I was 17.

  • Still Smiling
    6 years ago

    Be a better employee and not have so many sick.days off and time off.for apppintments; be quality time with my husband and son; expect my amazing constantly to constantly be picking up the slack; be able to put a nice healthy home cooked meal on the table every night; be able to clean and tidy my house; and not be a burden on everyone else or everyone else’s responsibility; be the person I used to be

  • CG
    7 years ago

    I should be the kind of wife I’d like to be, as well as accomplish goals I still have to eat better, exercise, attend church, and pay more attention to friends.

  • denisemorris
    7 years ago

    I should
    Just get up and go.

  • inquisitivespirit
    7 years ago

    I should…
    -be studying
    -help my parents around the house
    -not have to use up my parents money on medical expenses
    -be more use to the people around me

  • kathyhorton-bishop
    7 years ago

    I should….
    Get out of the house more often
    Clean up the house
    Get out of bed
    Spend more time with my daughters…too late to do that with my husband he passed away in April
    be able to attend church without an attack
    have a life outside of the confines of my bedroom, house
    be able to make it doctors appts instead of being unable to due to a migraine
    eat better…heck eat 3 times a day instead of barely once sometimes
    the list goes on….
    not have to depend on other people soooo much

  • mjsymonds
    7 years ago

    Because I should…

    keep a cleaner house
    cook a hot meal every night for my family
    visit my dad more often
    do some form of aerobic exercise
    host more social events
    travel with my husband more frequently
    contribute more financially
    spend less on my health care

  • marybethrosebrook
    7 years ago

    I should be exercising, eating healthy and looking for a job.

  • laureltomlinson
    7 years ago

    I should go to the gym, be more mindful of eating and enjoying my life…or even having a life.

  • lori
    7 years ago

    be able to live on my own.

  • 1lu7ita
    5 years ago

    Same here. I’m 22 and back at my parents house.

    I should be able to work full time at my job.

    I should be able to move out of my parents house.

    I should be able to go to college (which I dropped out of because I felt completely alone and isolated) because of migraines with literally no one there to help, including even a dr.

    I should be able to go to a fucking concert for my favorite artists and actually be able to stay and see the headlining act.

    I should be able to keep up with my friends who are traveling, working, dating, and having fun.

  • kathyhorton-bishop
    7 years ago

    That thought totally scares me
    my daughters will be out on their own in a few more years
    and then it will be me and my late husband’s dog…
    then what?

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