Migraineur's best friend? The Migraine Girl gets a kitten.

I recently did something I never *really* thought I’d do. It’s something I’ve always dreamt of doing but didn’t expect to follow through on.

I adopted a kitten. And my oh my, did I fall hard. I love this little baby!

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Wally wandered away from her mother and siblings a few weeks ago. The family had been tucked away in a hard-to-reach crawl space/attic area in my friend J.'s house, and Wally absconded, falling down behind my buddy’s kitchen wall and mewing for her life. He cut open the wall and found a 2-week-old kitten, an animal far too young to be away from her mother. Because he was unable to return the kitten (named Wally in honor of her story), J. started bottle feeding her while looking for someone to adopt.

Jim and I said we’d take Wally for the night when J. had to go to Atlanta. Of course (of course!) we were smitten within moments of meeting this orphaned baby, and the rest is history. Babysitting turned into ownership. We are now pet owners.

My mom is severely allergic to cats and, truth be told, her allergy was the only major factor against adopting Wally. My mom lives out of state but visits a lot, and we hang out at my house pretty often. Having a kitten inside means that my mom will have to take an antihistamine each time she enters the house (if she chooses to enter at all). It should also be noted that my parents do not exactly enjoy pets, so they’ve never quite seen why I’m so enamored of kittens. (I believe I started asking for my own cat when I was in preschool.)

I was touched by a message my mom sent me, though. While she wasn’t happy with my choice to bring a cat into my home, she did say that she hoped Wally would be source of comfort to me when I’m ill with migraine. I am hoping for the same thing. I’ve only had one significant migraine attack in Wally’s presence, but I can already say that having her nap on my lap while I rested was pretty comforting. My mom’s comment also brought to mind a recent Migraine.com post from Dr. Marcus about how caring for a dog can help with migraine.

Do you have any pets? Do they seem to help you with coping with pain, with routine, with stress? I’d love to hear your stories!

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