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Migraineur’s best friend? The Migraine Girl gets a kitten.

I recently did something I never *really* thought I’d do. It’s something I’ve always dreamt of doing but didn’t expect to follow through on.

I adopted a kitten. And my oh my, did I fall hard. I love this little baby!

Wally wandered away from her mother and siblings a few weeks ago. The family had been tucked away in a hard-to-reach crawl space/attic area in my friend J.’s house, and Wally absconded, falling down behind my buddy’s kitchen wall and mewing for her life. He cut open the wall and found a 2-week-old kitten, an animal far too young to be away from her mother. Because he was unable to return the kitten (named Wally in honor of her story), J. started bottle feeding her while looking for someone to adopt.

Jim and I said we’d take Wally for the night when J. had to go to Atlanta. Of course (of course!) we were smitten within moments of meeting this orphaned baby, and the rest is history. Babysitting turned into ownership. We are now pet owners.

My mom is severely allergic to cats and, truth be told, her allergy was the only major factor against adopting Wally. My mom lives out of state but visits a lot, and we hang out at my house pretty often. Having a kitten inside means that my mom will have to take an antihistamine each time she enters the house (if she chooses to enter at all). It should also be noted that my parents do not exactly enjoy pets, so they’ve never quite seen why I’m so enamored of kittens. (I believe I started asking for my own cat when I was in preschool.)

I was touched by a message my mom sent me, though. While she wasn’t happy with my choice to bring a cat into my home, she did say that she hoped Wally would be source of comfort to me when I’m ill with migraine. I am hoping for the same thing. I’ve only had one significant migraine attack in Wally’s presence, but I can already say that having her nap on my lap while I rested was pretty comforting. My mom’s comment also brought to mind a recent post from Dr. Marcus about how caring for a dog can help with migraine.

Do you have any pets? Do they seem to help you with coping with pain, with routine, with stress? I’d love to hear your stories!

My new kitty BFF

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  • Dana
    8 years ago

    My cats provide such comfort to me…especially when I have a Migraine. It’s nice to have my furry, nonjudgmental friends with me.

  • Luisa Neto
    8 years ago

    Last year when my migraines became really nasty, my bf started talking about us having a kitten. He believed a kitten would help me reduce stress and consequently migraines I was experiencing every 2-3 days. When Lestat (male Chartreux kitten) joined our home I instantly started feeling better. He helped me deal with stress in a way that I came home from work and was able to “disconnect” from problems outside. He became my guardian and would keep me company in bed in those days when I couldn’t get up due to a migraine. He gives me comfort and tranquility everyday and I thought I didn’t like cats. How wrong was I. He’s been an important part in my recovery and in my treatment with Topamax. My crisis are less and less frequent and now we have a 3 month old female kitten called Nyx as well. Nothing better than one pet than two pets. 😉

  • Jane Carty MacNealy
    8 years ago

    Love the picture! My mother uses a solution she puts on her cats when my brother or sister stays for a visit. It helps control the pet dander. I will try to find the name of it.

  • Anne-Marie Allen
    8 years ago

    11 years and counting with Chronic Migraines. We have a 130 lbs. female Great Dane–Rylee and I cannot express the comfort she has provided. She senses when I just can’t get up for our daily walks, etc. so she just lays quitely on the bed with me until I am ready to move.

    If you believe in these things, as I do, three years ago July 1st. We lost a great dane–Chili that lived to be 10.8 years (good for danes) She was with me when I got diagonsed and stayed by my side throught this miserable ordeal. When she passed, there just was no heart in the house (I am disabled due to this disease) and having the comfort and unconditional love from her was huge. Well fourteen days later our present dane was born, and as God is my witness, and though their personalities are completely different, Chili resides inside Rylee. There is no way this pup would know certain things that only Chili knew, without being shown, but she did, does and continues to be the light in our lives.

    These creatures also allow are family members to go on and do things, knowing that we are not home alone. Can’t say enough about how important any animal can be to a person suffering from Migraines and other disabilitating diseases. Bless them all and Bless you all.

  • Susie Bohle
    8 years ago

    I adore your new BFF! She’s a doll…. I I have 2 cats but they don’t really seem to help me with my migraines, but that’s ok. I’ve had cats all my life and couldn’t imagine life without them!

  • Megan Frederick Conser
    8 years ago

    I love my cat! And I never thought of myself as a cat person. When someone is sick in the house– one of the kids or myself, she will sleep in thier room, usually the foot of thier bed. She even stays close to the kids when they are in time out! I love the comfort our little Alli brings to each of us. And I love the LOVE we all can share because of her. For my headaches, she is simply my silent, non-judging, understanding companion. I don’t have any others of those!

  • Mick Wagner
    8 years ago

    Love my cats.

  • Jessica Hernandez
    8 years ago

    My kids are allergic to cats 🙁 I love that you don’t have to potty train them or walk them. They just chillax.

  • Louise M. Houle
    8 years ago

    Congratulations! Pets rock and are definitely a migraineurs best friend. My wheaten Terrier (who sadly passed away last year) would lean against me practically the whole time I’d have a migraine. I could never “pretend” I was fine – she’d sense it and even whimper a little bit to be reassured I was OK. I also have two very cuddly 9 year old cats who are a constant source of comfort. Everything they do is still incredibly cute to me – day after day (except when Tiam starts knocking things over at 4 a.m. to get me to come let him outside!).

  • Shelly Quimby
    8 years ago

    I had a lovely brindle English mastiff named Rena that my new landlord wouldn’t let me keep when I had to move. She was my sole source of comfort and protection after a divorce and many days/nights of migraines and fibro pain. My new husband gave me a dwarf rabbit at Easter to cuddle with – Sooty’s the greatest & has such looks when she disapproves of something! I do so miss my Rena though….. hard to find mastiffs in ND.

  • Val Milo
    8 years ago

    We also adopted a two week old recently, he’s fit as a fiddle and ready for anything now! All my pets are a source of comfort to me. We used to have black cat named Elmo (19 yrs old) and she always knew when something was wrong with me. When I broke my arm she sat on my lap every night, after the cast came off she went back to her regular routine! Amazing friends, you’ll never have a better one.

  • Sophia Baker
    8 years ago

    I have a 75lb German Shepherd/blood hound mix and when I’m having a horrid migraine she lays at the op of my bed with her feet pressing on my head. If I’m on the couch she lays on the arm and rests her legs on my head. It’s like she can sense my head hurts. The pressure feels wonderful!

  • Monica Darcy Myers
    8 years ago

    I had an 18.5lb cat who recently pasted away. He would come sit on my chest with his face in mine, when I would have a migraine, and purr. Karmer would never do this, unless you were ill. If I didn’t like him being on my chest, he would lay beside me and purr. So, when he lay dying, I laid there with him. I hope I comforted him like he comforted me on many occasions. :'(

  • Tammy Rasmussen Freed
    8 years ago

    So sorry about your cat Monica….:(

  • Trish Trujillo
    8 years ago

    What a good sweet boy you had! Our pets are so intuitive.

  • Michelle Chipman Hunkins
    8 years ago

    It made me tear up too. Animals are so intuitive and really show us unconditional love. What a special relationship you had with him 🙂

  • LaVonne Robinson Granados
    8 years ago

    This tears me up….seriously…..through all my “stuff” with my dad and his new “wife” my dog comes and lays real tight to me to make me feel better…’s like a little piece of God sent to comfort us!

  • Monique Rebsomen Saunders
    8 years ago

    Ahhh, Monica…our animals are such a part of our family lives…my cat isn’t doing to well right now, I think her days are numbered, but, she still comes up to me to purr and give me love…hugs!

  • Karen Stanley Haack
    8 years ago

    We have 2 chi’s and a lhapsapoo I got them because Sami always begged for a pet. When she became seriously ill I thought that she had a brain tumor or something horrible like that so we got her the lhapsapoo then the chi’s. Have to admit I love those boys…..LOL I can’t say they helped with her migraines however because we have since found out that the migraines are related to food allergies……..

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